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Planters and hanging lights: 20 inspirations for the garden

Planters and hanging lights: 20 inspirations for the garden

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Need inspiration to showcase your plants and flowers in the garden? Glass globes, old car tires, ladders or even tin cans, discover our 20 original ideas found on Pinterest.

A planter mounted on feet

Pinterest Does this black planter mounted on legs not make you think of an elegant console that could have been installed in the entrance for example? Here, it is on the balcony that she does her show, and we are particularly charmed by the result. Source: Pinterest

OSB for planters

BoligLiv Very fashionable inside the house, the OSB also invites itself on the balcony in the form of a planter with an ecological aspect. Source: BoligLiv

A custom tire

DIY Show Off Dumped in blue, this old car tire takes on a whole new look. You can then use it as a planter hanging from a tree or fixed to a facade of the house. Source: DIY Show Off

A vegetable birdhouse

Rebecca's Bird Gardens What if birds also had the right to decorative and flowery habitat? Nothing could be simpler with this cabin which houses a small planter on its roof! Source: Rebecca's Bird Gardens

A ladder as a support

Traditionally Modern Designs If you are looking for an original support for your plants, we suggest this idea made with a wooden ladder. The result is very decorative on a terrace. Source: Traditionally Modern Designs

A wine-gardener case

Stitchawishdesigns If you no longer know what to do with all these wine boxes piling up in the cellar, transform them into original planters. Small budget, but maximum effect! Source: Stitchawishdesigns

A planter like a frame

Shanty 2 Chic To enhance your beautiful flower planter, make it a black frame. A perfect support for your planter: guaranteed effect. Source: Shanty 2 Chic

A vertical vegetable patch

Bhg To optimize small spaces while creating a corner of greenery, vertical vegetable gardens are the best allies. In wood or metal, they slip everywhere! Source: Bhg

A concrete trellis on the wall

Simple Remain What a great idea to attach a concrete trellis to the wall to hang all the terracotta flower pots. At the editorial, we are under the spell! Source: Simple Remain

A spoon to support the plants

Pinterest Once folded to the desired shape and fixed to the wall with a large screw, this soup spoon can accommodate all your hanging planters. Original, right? Source: Pinterest

Custom preserves

Upcycled Stuff Bring cans, a little paint and string to make these aromatic herbal jars with a recycled spirit! Source: Upcycled Stuff

A green dresser

Grizzly Bear Modern To give a second life to a 1950s dresser, fill the drawers with beautiful succulents. Placed on the terrace, the latter may have its small effect. Source: Grizzly Bear Modern

A planter in a corner of the balcony

I Heart Naptime Hanging in a corner of the balcony, this planter offers a real touch of originality. With your hammers to make the same at home! Source: I Heart Naptime

A vertical garden

The Horticult Want to create a vertical garden on your balcony? Easy ! Some pots, hooks and metal bars will be needed. We are amazed by the result, aren't you? Source: The Horticult

A trio of baskets

A Beautiful Mess Flashy pink string, a hook, baskets of different sizes, it takes no more to design at home this planter that dresses your exterior wall with chic. Source: A Beautiful Mess

A funny flower column

Home Stories A to Z Once painted blue, assemble your pots with strong glue to create a funny column. The result will surprise more than one! Source: Home Stories A to Z

A greenhouse showcase

Beach House This is a great idea to stage your plants on bacon in an unusual way: a greenhouse that takes the form of a pretty indoor display case. Chic and refined! Source: Beach House

A column of pots

Grace and Good Eats Placed on top of each other from the largest to the smallest, these terracotta pots thus create an original sculpture in which aromatic herbs find a special place. Source: Grace and Good Eats

A bird cage

My Inner Landscape Hanging from a tree or placed on a table, this bird cage transforms into a planter full of authenticity. Source: My Inner Landscape