New Spring-Summer 2014 products at Alinéa

New Spring-Summer 2014 products at Alinéa

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Alinéa delivers trends in color in its new spring-summer collection. Nomadic lines, a touch of craftsmanship play with frank colors through very decorative furniture and accessories. We let you discover all this in pictures.

Or flashy colors

Alinéa You can also try flashy colors to spice up the living room. In this case, opt for this orange fabric sofa and put down cushions in the same tones.

Handmade cushions

Alinéa Bohemian inspired, these cushions already bring summer into your decor. Placed in the living room, bedroom or on an outdoor armchair, they are the touch of color and good humor.

Wood in total look

Alinéa Sofa frame, bookcase, and coffee table play the wood card to create a very cozy space. To keep the clean side, you can bet on only white accessories.

Bamboo lanterns

Alinéa Very original, these bamboo lanterns can be installed both inside and outside the house. To create a decorative set, we suggest you opt for three models of different sizes to hang side by side.

Glass for the terrace

Alinéa On the terrace, Alinéa offers us a large, very user-friendly glass table. It is accompanied by colorful and design chairs to bring good humor.

Eames-inspired chairs

Alinéa In the dining room, we mix raw materials and plastic by choosing a large wooden table that we associate with colorful chairs inspired by the creations of designer Charmes Eames.

A contemporary row

Alinéa Always very trendy in decoration this season, the row plays it contemporary with this version of Alinéa. To change the all-wood look, the doors have been covered with metal plates to give it a more industrial look.

The industry always on top

Alinéa Leather, wood, metal, the industrial style is more than ever in tune with the times in your interior design. Perfectly suited to the living room, it is daring with nesting tables, decorative bookcases and a split leather sofa.

A natural bathroom

Alinéa This bathroom plays on styles with its very natural wooden furniture and its bathtub and tiling in a retro atmosphere. A few colorful accessories bring it all together.