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Flowering shrubs for your hedges

Flowering shrubs for your hedges

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The flowering shrubs brighten up the hedge from spring to fall. The rich colors of their foliage, often combined with clusters of fragrant flowers, make them magnificent decorations for all gardens. They also offer a rich variety of scents for birds and foraging insects. Cut tight or left free in solid, they give free rein to your imagination.

Ceanothus thyrsyflorus El Dorado Globe Planter

Globe Planter A persistent and luminous green foliage mottled with yellow shelters a multitude of blue flowers in spring and autumn.

Sun City Double Flower Bougainvillea

Willemse With its double flowers, this variety forms an even more spectacular decoration at the foot of a wall, above an embankment or a retaining wall.

Indian Lilac (Syringa vulgaris Primrose)

Willemse A lilac always very fragrant with superb and luminous flowers. To place in front of other dark shrubs or next to a purple lilac for example to accentuate the contrast.

Blue Chip Butterfly Tree (Buddleia)

Willemse A compact variety that can also be used pruned very short, in rock garden or at the edge.

Hibiscus of Syria Pinky Spot (H. syriacus)

Willemse Beautiful variety with very abundant semi-double bicolour flowers throughout the summer. Shrub to plant in association with spring flowering varieties.

Anisodontea Miss Pinky (A. scabrosa)

Willemse A multitude of colorful flowers throughout the summer and even until winter in the sweet region. With a size of 2-3 cm in diameter, the flowers are fragrant and attract butterflies.

Leucothoe fontanesiana White Water

Globe Planter Its astonishing foliage, variegated with green and cream, adorns itself with purple in winter and serves as a support for magnificent clusters of cream flowering.

Ligustrum lemon & lime

Globe Planter The ligustrum is a variety of privet that develops into a very dense bush with bright lemon-colored foliage.

Buddleia davidii Moonshine

Globe Planter It is by far the favorite variety of buddleia of butterflies thanks to its flowers with a sweet and sweet smell which attracts foraging insects. Very compact, its flowering is renewed all summer.