10 points that enhance the central island

10 points that enhance the central island

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If you have a large kitchen, you probably dream of a central island to make your kitchen both decorative and functional. Before choosing the model that will accompany your culinary experiences, here are 10 points to consider as so many reasons why the central island will make you happy.

The materials

Schmidt In terms of materials too, you will have the choice! The islands follow the trends of the kitchen and are found in matt or lacquered materials, with metal or even wood finish finishes, the last big trend of this piece. Afraid that the wood is too rustic? No risk, the light wood will combine perfectly with the pure lines of the island for a very designer style.

The form

Aviva The island is not just a cube that is placed in the center of the kitchen. It is evolving today to best meet your needs. Also, you will find more elongated rectangular models that will stretch your kitchen or L-shaped models that will allow you to create a dining area.

Deco style

Maisons du monde Note that there are as many decorative styles for the island as for the rest of the kitchen. If you want to bring an original touch to your room by going out of the pure lines of design, you can also create a bistro atmosphere with a craft style island that will not fail to give character to your kitchen.

The work plan

Aviva Before making your choice, you will also need to determine the function of your central island. Would you like only an additional worktop or a real extension of the rest of the kitchen? Depending, you can install a sink, a hob or on the contrary choose only a work surface.


Paragraph Keep in mind that there are kitchen islands of all sizes. Large kitchens will thus be able to offer XXL models which allow great conviviality and a beautiful workspace, but there are also practical reduced models for smaller kitchens.

The hood

Schmidt To sublimate your central island if it accommodates a hob, you will choose an extractor hood that will be like the icing on a cake. We now find very design models that will be aesthetic in your kitchen with rounded shapes and chrome materials.

The stools

Ikea To give an even more convivial appearance to your kitchen, choose high stools that you will install all around the central island. You will be able to sit in the center of the kitchen to take your meals in a convivial atmosphere.


Hygena The central island is a great asset for storage! Indeed, it will be able to accommodate within it many drawers, cupboards and shelves that will allow you to store pots and other cooking utensils. For a very decorative effect, you can choose to leave the storage visible.

The 2 in 1

Paragraph Some islands can be very practical and offer two functions within the same space. You will find, for example, models that offer a worktop space for the kitchen and a practical dining space for lunch in a convivial way.


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