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10 credenza possibilities to discover at Point P

10 credenza possibilities to discover at Point P

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Point P is the essential distributor of building materials for professionals and individuals. Anxious to offer products in line with the style and desires of each, the brand offers a wide range of splashbacks for a very decorative touch in your kitchen. Discover 10 credenza models that you will find at Point P.

A metro-style credenza

Point P If you like the rather urban style of the tiling of Parisian metro stations, you can recreate this spirit in your kitchen using a splashback in metro-style tiling. To bring a more chic and urban touch, opt for a very shiny black and a few touches of red.

A glass mosaic credenza

Point P For a chic and graphic effect, the glass mosaic will be ideal. We particularly appreciate it for its changing reflections depending on the light that will illuminate the entire room. The red color will add depth to the whole.

A mosaic credenza

Point P If you like the more traditional mosaic, you can then choose a splashback made from different tiles, in different colors. This will give a very graphic quirky style to the kitchen whether for a pop style or a retro atmosphere.

A credenza with messages

Point P If you want an original splashback, you will find tiles that use city names in different typologies to create a very graphic whole. But to keep it discreet, we opt for gray writing on a white background.

A ubiquitous credenza

Point P On the contrary, if you want your credenza to be the star of your cuisine, you can prefer the model where the names of cities are installed in red on a white background. We can then easily read the different cities like Mumbai, Tunis or New York to travel with a simple glance.

A patchwork splashback

Point P To make the splashback look like a work of art in the kitchen, you can opt for tiles of different colors in fairly dark tones. Mix black, brown and dark gray with white and orange tiles to wake up and illuminate the whole. We will choose very shiny tiles for a chic spirit.

A minimalist credenza

Point P If you are a fan of design and its minimalist style, you will choose a simple splashback with white tiles, some of which have a small dark square in the center. The whole and then graphic and discreet for a very chic cuisine.

A rustic chic splashback

Point P For a traditional cuisine inspired by the rustic chic style, we put on an original splashback in an earthy color with patterns that give even more texture to the whole. Very present, this credenza will sublimate black kitchen furniture.

A modern credenza

Point P Red is always very trendy in the kitchen. To bring in this color, bet on a splashback of red tiles with a black frieze that will remind your high furniture. Then play the sobriety card for a very contemporary style.


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