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A wall of frames to dress my rooms

A wall of frames to dress my rooms

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In a corridor, a living room, a staircase or a teenage bedroom, dressing one of its walls with frames is a trend that is impossible to escape today. Create a unique and original wall, with personality, mixing photos, images, magazine covers or illustrations all in frames it is possible! Discover our ten decorative ideas to multiply your frames in an original, clever and offbeat way. Guaranteed effect!

A green wall

Elho Bring nature in and go green with the clever Green Gallery Single frames. Let yourself be charmed by the originality of the concept. The clean lines and two colors, one white, the other lime green of these frames will allow you to change the decor according to your desires. Hygienic and practical, their incorporated water reserves allow simplified watering.

An ordered frame wall

Bloomingville You want to make a frame wall in your home but don't know how to do it. In order not to commit any odds, we put on a frame wall with a very orderly style, ideal for a classic interior. You simply have to choose frames of different formats and align them in length and width next to each other.

A wall of vinyls for music lovers

Maisons du Monde Tired of the traditional picture wall? Bet on originality and opt for a playful and offbeat vinyl wall. Guaranteed effect for these executives who will remind nostalgic people of their young years.

Explosion of colors

Leroy Merlin You like color, and don't know which one to choose. So go ahead and dress your walls in frames of all colors. Yellow, blue, red, green ... These frames will integrate with spirit in your decor. A trendy young and fresh look.

A wall of family tree-style frames

Leroy Merlin Followers of genealogy, these frames are made for you. They will elegantly receive photos of loved ones. A bit offbeat, somewhat anachronistic, they land on the plant sticker with simplicity to recreate the famous family tree.

Immaculate frames

Apartment Therapy You like white, the clean and zen side of a decor. You want to animate your walls in a minimalist spirit. So go ahead! Bet on simplicity with its white frames which will transform, in the blink of an eye, into a real work of art. A very refreshing and soothing decor that will not leave anyone indifferent!

Gallery inspiration

Leroy Merlin You like to stroll through the art galleries and you appreciate the arrangement of the paintings on the walls. To recreate this universe, nothing more simple, you just have to marry frames of different formats and multiply them so as to completely cover your walls. Change of scenery guaranteed by adding a few reproductions of masterpieces.

A crazy frame wall for your teen

Castorama Your child is a fan of comic books and you want to create a decoration in the image of his favorite hobby. Make him an original and fun wall of frames representing his favorite heroes. Guaranteed success with your teenager and his friends!

Original support for your frames

Ikea Tired of the traditional arrangement of the frame walls. Why not just put them on a shelf; which will allow you to move them as you wish. For more dynamism we install the shelves offset and we use frames of different colors and formats.