Original lighting for the children's room

Original lighting for the children's room

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The children's room is surely one of the rooms where you can have the most fun on the decor side. A few accessories are sometimes enough to transform it into a unique and very original universe. Today, we are very interested in lighting that is fun and fun. Focus on our coolest finds to get as soon as possible.

A large mushroom

AM PM Very trendy in recent months, the mushroom lamp is still relevant in the bedroom of your little ones. Thanks to her, children will have no trouble imagining stories in the middle of the forest.

Small clouds

Ikéa Having your head in the clouds, yes, but it's even better when they adorn a nice pendant lamp. We opt for a yellow model full of pep, which brings a note of good humor to the room.

Car ride

Ferm Living In a more neutral style, but just as original, there is the wall lamp in the shape of a car from Ferm Living. We like its wooden side which creates a natural atmosphere in the room.

Dog shaped

AM PM If you cannot have a dog at home, the problem is solved thanks to this bedside lamp in the shape of a small Scottish terrier which will delight children.


Thorsten Van Elten For a romantic and springtime little girl's bedroom, you need to bet on the bird-shaped wall lamp. We do not hesitate to combine two different colors to create a real nest.


Maisons du Monde Not in the mood for a bird lamp? There remains the option nest box. Installed on a tree sticker as if hanging, they create a natural and very girly decor with a combination of different colors.

A cloud of rain

Retro Boutique On a bedside table, we put on a poetic cloud lamp. We choose it in gray tones to arrange it as well in a girl's room as a boy's room.

Hot air balloons

Colonel Very summery with their pastel colors, these small lamps strangely resemble hot air balloons. Placed in a child's room, they add a little note of freshness.

A lucky ladybug

Ikéa Obviously, animals have their side in the children's room. As a wall light, we adopt a large yellow ladybug which brings a playful touch to the room.


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