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The 10 commandments to be green at home

The 10 commandments to be green at home

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Respect for the environment also involves daily actions at home. To preserve our planet, we offer 10 easy commands to put in place in everyday life. It's decided, we become green!

I opt for recycled plastic

Ikea Plastic is one of the big problems of our society because we use a lot without giving it a second life and it generates a lot of waste. To get to the end of the selective sorting logic, we offer recycled plastic objects for decorative and ecological objects.

I bet on renewable materials

Ikea In the whole house, we think renewable! Indeed, it is important to favor renewable materials so as not to exhaust our resources. You can for example bet on rattan objects or on cork parquet as a floor covering.

I save water

Ikea Is it still necessary to specify that water is a precious resource? To save it in the kitchen, we opt for a mixer tap which cuts the water quickly and we place a water aerator which allows us to reduce the amount of water without being aware of it.

I take a shower and not a bath

HSK In the bathroom, the same fight: we save water. For this, nothing easier, rather than taking baths, prefer a shower which will not only save you time but also many liters of water. And always remember to turn off the tap when you are soaping yourself.

I take back

Gardena Since water is precious, it should not be used for anything. Also, we forget the tap water for watering the garden or for washing the car but we rather turn to rainwater. To do this, just equip yourself with a rainwater collector!

I reduce my energy consumption

Ikea Among the simple tips to reduce energy consumption, you can opt for the purchase of your household appliances for products that consume less energy. To help you, follow the energy label and know that you should favor a class A or A + device so that it is the least greedy in electricity.

I favor natural light

Ikea And to make even more electricity savings, we take advantage of natural light to light up. Do not clutter your windows to let in as much light as possible. When this natural lighting is no longer enough, opt for energy-saving lamps.

I prefer ecological painting

Little Greene For decorating your walls, put aside paints that use solvents and other chemicals in favor of natural paints. Not only are these paints much better for the environment, but they will not be harmful to your health.

I don't waste

Leroy Merlin Finally, start being green before you even arrive at home, that is to say at the supermarket! Check that the storage dates are long so as not to waste products and always choose foods with the least possible packaging.