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An extraordinary bed for my child

An extraordinary bed for my child

He dreams of sleeping in a car, she dreams of sleeping in a castle. She dreams of sleeping under the stars, he dreams of sleeping in a cabin. Obviously, the children are full of imagination. The good news ? Several bed models have folded in 4 to grant their wishes and make their nights extraordinary. Presentation of these extraordinary children's beds.

A bed like a cabin

Go to your room ### Perched in the room, this cabin bed transforms the nights of the little Robinson Crusoes into a dream of adventure.

A bed like a bus

Goal ### And the legendary London bus becomes ... a bunk bed!

A bed like a castle

Fly ### From the top of her majestic bed, your princess presides over her castle. Stuffed animals and dolls need only behave well.

A bed like a racing car

La Redoute ### It is at the wheel of a racing car that future drivers fall asleep, stars in their eyes.

A bed like a racing car

Goal ### Another example of a "racing car" style bed to delight speed lovers.

A bed like a playground

Fly ### Owl! Here, we get out of bed each morning by a slide, enough to transform the room into an eternal playground.

A bed like a little house

La Redoute ### Oversized dollhouse, this bed with integrated roof serves as a home for little girls at night.

A bed like a tent

Ikea ### Sleeping under the stars without leaving the room is possible with this bed topped with a blue tent dotted with stars. Make way for enchantment.

A bed like an adventurer's refuge

Maisons du Monde ### After Indiana Jones, it's the adventurers' turn to sleep in a child's bed surrounded by rolling curtains.