10 good reasons to choose red in your kitchen

10 good reasons to choose red in your kitchen

If the kitchen had to be associated with a single color, it would be red. And yes, in a room where we are constantly active, to store groceries, dishes, prepare breakfast, snack or meal, his energy is very welcome. And it's not its only quality! Here are ten good reasons to make it your main decorative ally near the stove.

Red for feminine cuisine

Aviva ### It is not only in ladies' wardrobes that red is king of femininity. In the kitchen, he dresses the furniture with chic and glamor.

Red for retro cuisine

Fly ### Combined with a white and black checkerboard credenza, redcurrant-colored furniture creates a small retro chic atmosphere in the kitchen.

Red for spicy cuisine

Lapeyre ### The color of peppers sets fire to the kitchen, or how to give a boost to its occupants!

Red for fruity cuisine

Schmidt ### Redcurrant, strawberry or blackcurrant color, red embellishes the kitchen with a delicious gourmet note to whet guests' appetite. Here is the "cherry" on the decor!

Red for a warm kitchen

Goal ### Chosen to line the kitchen walls, the color of the fire warms the atmosphere to make it intensely convivial and warm.

Red for an urban kitchen

Goal ### Very popular in urban settings, the color red, mixed with gray and black, reveals a city-like mood, a little loft in the kitchen.

Red for vitamin cuisine

Paragraph ### When the color of the wall turns red / scarlet pink, the kitchen seems to be full of pep and vitamins.

Red for exuberant cuisine

Goal ### Do you want the kitchen to go unnoticed? With red, the narcissistic color par excellence, it's easy to take up the bet!

Red for precious cuisine

Goal ### To enhance the chic and refined style of the kitchen, we infuse the decor with a simple pinch of ruby ​​red. And voila.