Mole: 20 inspirations to adopt it

Mole: 20 inspirations to adopt it

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1. A nice mottled mole ottoman to relax


A beautiful fabric and an ultra-comfortable pouffe, that's how to adopt the taupe color with ease. The extra thing? The mottled aspect which boosts the natural ambiance of the shade. With a few notions of sewing, a machine, a pattern unearthed on the internet, upholstery and a good measure of washed linen or mottled hemp, we can even consider making it yourself.

2. An elegant taupe sofa that goes well with green


If green is trendy and acclaimed for its natural appearance, we sometimes wonder what to match it with. The right idea? Soft and neutral shades like taupe, beige and gray, a perfect match for a chic and refined Scandinavian sofa. With a touch of golden brass and a few plants, a chic and cozy atmosphere guaranteed.

3. Shock cushions in taupe monochrome


A very simple tip to adopt the taupe color? Cushion covers and pillow cases, the easiest decor option to dare… and to change. For a warm atmosphere, we mix the patterns and the plain in a shades of taupe, beige and ecru, we have the trendy cocoon!

4. A taupe wallpaper in accent on a wall


Fancy a nice accent wall without upsetting the whole decor? We opt for a taupe wallpaper that will highlight a niche, a nook or a section of wall with a trendy pattern. The softness of the color allows all the follies, from graphic lines to romantic flowers, and the agreement is always successful with white or wood.

5. Taupe bed linen combined with blue


Another very simple idea to adopt which in addition, goes perfectly with all the shades of blue. A beautiful bed set, a duvet cover or just a sheet, whatever the bed linen chosen, the taupe color sublimates everything. And as a bonus, it creates an ideal cocooning atmosphere in the bedroom!

6. A coffee table to match the taupe decor


The good idea of ​​the color taupe is to go perfectly with most wood shades. To the point that some wooden furniture looks taupe, and some taupe furniture looks wooden! Result, a pretty coffee table with a touch of design, a touch of wood and a mixture of beige and pastel colors, it's bingo on the decorative side.

7. An old vintage armchair that gives character to a room


Good news, the color taupe was a star in the 70s. For crazy Chinese, there is a good chance of finding a chic and design armchair in flea market, garage sales or consignment. What give style to the whole room without stressing about the color of the walls, since the neutrality of the taupe shade means that it goes more or less with everything!

8. A nice plaid to energize a clear sofa


Need to wake up a decor that is too white or a sofa that is too light? We put on the contrast, but without going to black and white. With a pretty taupe-colored plaid, we keep all the effect of depth without falling into the ultra-contemporary, enough to warm a classic decor very gently.

9. A taupe and beige lamp for a very soft atmosphere


We told you, the taupe color can do everything. In a zen and natural atmosphere, with wood, a few vegetal touches and a string of soft colors, the agreement is incomparable ... especially on a designer and sleek light that highlights the simplicity of the color!

10. Chic and cozy taupe curtains


Not always easy to choose the right color of curtains, especially when you want a graphic but cozy decor, modern but warm ... The secret? The mole, still is still the mole. A neutral and warm color at the same time, neither really beige nor really gray, which sublimates the black and white accords, glass or metal. Inratable, or not far.

11. A taupe and ecru carpet with ethnic motifs


Take a closer look at the ethnic accessories, you are guaranteed to find a host of mole patterns. The advantage? In patterns, the color is even easier to adopt, and with the ethnic trend, we offer an atmosphere that is both exotic, natural and warm to energize the living room, bedroom or office. Who says better ?

12. A dark taupe garden furniture on the terrace


In the large family of outdoor furniture, we ask for the color taupe. In the midst of beige and black, it adds a warmer note to classic garden furniture! We find it on metal furniture as in braided resin, and as much to tell you that the mixture of the two makes a cardboard at the time of the aperitif.

13. Taupe metro tiles in a changing kitchen


No, metro tiles are not only available in white. On the contrary, even, it would benefit from being available in color for a modern but warm decor… The proof with a metro tile in the elegant taupe color, enough to give style and a touch of originality to a classic kitchen or to warm up a contemporary cuisine!

14. A taupe wall for a welcoming entrance


No question of neglecting the entrance for a welcoming interior. A pot of taupe paint and that's all the decor reinvented, whether it's a hallway or a real entrance! The decoration bonus? We blended trends with a Scandinavian armchair, an industrial console, a vegetal touch and vintage accessories.

15. A discreet sofa highlighted by pale pink


By scouring flea markets or trendy furniture brands, you quickly realize that the color taupe is as essential in the seventies trend as Scandinavian… among others. In other words, finding a nice taupe sofa is not very complicated, to enjoy the clarity and warmth of a gray beige. And for a very soft color match, two words: pale pink.

16. Taupe plinths on a beige wall


When the whole room has been repainted in a soft beige and the result seems too light, the easiest idea to implement is on the side of the plinths. A small pot of darker paint that tends towards gray and voila, the contrast adds depth without spoiling the cozy atmosphere of beige!

17. Nice taupe leather for chic sofa


We talked about the sofa, but why not an even more chic version with taupe leather? Less messy than beige, warmer than gray, taupe is perfect in a refined decor in shades of gray. We note in passing these small details that change everything: a green plant for the vegetal touch, a knitted plaid for the cocooning side and graphic vases for the design note.

18. Kitchen furniture in taupe wood


As we said, the wood often comes a little, if not a lot, to the taupe color. And if we dared taupe kitchen furniture, yes but with all the texture of wood? Successful marriage with stone effect tiles, granite countertops and touches of metal to modernize the whole!

19. An easy to make taupe headboard


To give the bedroom a fresh touch, nothing could be simpler than improvising a headboard with two large rectangular cushions, possibly hung on a rod… or not. And with a taupe-colored cover in a very soft beige bedroom, you risk not leaving the bed anytime soon.

20. A complete wall to enhance the moldings


A slightly classic wall with pretty old-fashioned moldings? We give it a facelift by repainting it in taupe, easier to adopt on an entire wall than gray ... but just as effective to awaken and modernize the decor! The right detail? The retro bike that turns into a decorative object, squarely placed on a sideboard.


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