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When facades speak volumes about the place of residence

When facades speak volumes about the place of residence

All over the world, the facades give the identity of the house and give a lot of information about where we are. To take a little decorative trip without leaving your home, we invite you to discover 10 facades from here and elsewhere.

A facade in warm colors

In South America, the facades are impressive! They have beautiful moldings that give relief and are also adorned with warm colors with red and orange to put you in the sunny atmosphere of the country.

The colorful facades of the Bahamas

In the Bahamas, the small wooden houses installed on the beach are dressed in bold colors with purple, orange, yellow and blue to bring good humor to the landscape and offer a holiday air to all tourists.

An industrial facade

Back in France where the façades are sure to change their look depending on the region. In the northern part of France, the façades still bear the industrial identity of the region with large glass roofs which allowed light to pass through the workshops.

A Provencal facade

In the south of France on the contrary, the atmosphere is more rustic with imposing houses made of white stone which does not fail to take colors in the sun. With wooden doors, you feel immediately in the famous Provencal farmhouses.

A townhouse facade

In the French cities, the houses take on a charming appearance with balconies and railings in worked metal, awnings that settle on the doors and colors that blend into the city.

The roofs of Paris

In Paris, place with Haussmannian facades but especially with the famous zinc roofs which blend with the gray sky of the capital to give it its unique charm. We do not hesitate to look up to admire them.

A facade in Normandy

In Normandy but also north of Paris, the facades are recognizable by their half-timbering, that is to say, sections of wood that cross the house. This authentic style does not fail to bring a lot of charm to Norman houses.

A countryside facade

The large country buildings are recognizable by their particular coating. Indeed, often the coating of the facades has been removed in order to reveal the motley stones which constitute the wall for an authentic effect.

A facade in the mountains

Finally, on the side of the Alps, the facades of the houses give way to the wood of the chalets which inevitably make it possible to identify the place where we are. More facades by clicking here!