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Floors and walls: 10 original and trendy coverings

Floors and walls: 10 original and trendy coverings

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The coating is a must in our interiors. In the bathroom, in the kitchen, and even now in the living rooms, it stands out as a real decorative asset. In a slideshow, discover 10 interiors dressed in Point.P coatings to inspire you and choose yours.

A bathroom in the colors of Provence

Point P The Griffe wall tile gives all the light to the bathroom. Wide and horizontal, it also gives perspective and enlarges the room. Sober, it goes well with all the warm colors.

A bathroom with a tropical atmosphere

Point P Plenitude wall tiles showcase the style of oriental cement tiles. Colorful, they set the tone for the room. The tiles blend perfectly with woody and tropical notes.

An industrial and contemporary interior

Point P For an industrial and factory style, this floor covering is ideal. Its imitation parquet gives it a lot of character and sublimates the room. Its mouse gray colors make it possible to adopt all styles of furniture.

A New York style loft

Point P This version gives depth to a room thanks to its square dimensions. Its industrial style gives the tone of decoration.

A bright and deep interior

Point P The sobriety of the Loft floor tiles makes it possible to arrange a room with all possible decoration styles. Square format and mouse gray color, it is sublimated by the touches of warm colors coming from the furniture.

Warm atmosphere for this show

Point P Soil can also give heat. The color of it allows to give the atmosphere and the tone of a room immediately. The square format gives depth and perspective to the room.

Industrial style invades the kitchen

Point P Road floor tiles are characterized by the softness of a carpet and the resistance of a tile. Sober and elegant, it accompanies a Scandinavian and country decoration.

A parental suite between minimalism and natural

Point P Ideal for a bathroom or a living room, the X-ROCK model softens the atmosphere of a room. Its natural stone appearance allows touches of decorative colors to express themselves immediately.

A bright and soothing entrance hall

Point P The gray taupe tiles contrast with the sober wall surfaces. Colorful decor touches instantly soothe and balance the place.

A terrace floor as beautiful as that of the house

Point P The garden also needs soil. These terrace tiles dress your exterior. Their color gives warmth and creates a contrast with the lawn, for a modern and welcoming result.

Shades of gray for a refined decor

Point P The planks of this coating give depth to your room. Their imitation parquet makes them warm and welcoming. Sobriety and light are essential.


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