Focus on magazine racks

Focus on magazine racks

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The magazine mania unveils its favorite decorative storage through a slideshow of various styles. Good pick !

A magazine rack integrated into the coffee table

Delamaison ### Multifunctional, the transparent coffee table in the living room has extended its tray with a magazine rack. Practical and ingenious.

A seaside magazine rack

Delamaison ### In the shape of bags, this pair of numbered magazine holders reveals cream and navy blue colors giving it a little seaside look. Ideal for storing your magazines while playing it deco.

A magazine rack at the end of the coffee table

Delamaison ### Another example of a 2 in 1 coffee table, extended by a fabric compartment where magazines from the whole tribe slide.

A tote-shaped magazine rack

Fly ### Installed in superb felt shopping bags, magazines no longer create the mess. On the contrary, they reveal a funny fashion storage.

A curved magazine rack

La Redoute ### In the middle of the living room, an orange-colored curved support accommodates the owners' favorite magazines, to read or keep.

A wall magazine rack

La Redoute ### On the wall, 3 vertical boxes superimposed on each other reveal a concentrate of magazines of all kinds that do not clutter up the space.

A wall magazine rack

La Redoute ### In the space-saving storage series for magazines or newspapers, here is a second wall model entitled "News", ideal for placing magazines above the desk.

A storey magazine rack

Goal ### In the living room, an inclined support with 3 A4-size shelves accommodates the latest magazines purchased. Owners and guests only have to reach out to allow themselves a reading break!

A box magazine rack

Purpose ### Named "treasure magazines", this storage box exclusively reserved for journals that we dare not throw away seems ideal for collectors ...


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