What if I repainted the living room in color?

What if I repainted the living room in color?

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Because summer lets us see life in color, the opportunity is perhaps well chosen to repaint its interior with healthy-looking shades. Between blue, orange, red or yellow, 10 salons have lent themselves to the game to inspire us. Or how to extend a "cheerful" decor throughout the year.

Greek Blue

Paragraph ### Freshly brought back from a trip to the Cyclades, the color of the Greek flag transports the living room away from the greyness, whatever the season.

Papaya orange

Leroy Merlin ### Fancy softness and color? Here is the perfect between two: a living room in pink / orange hues available on cushions, walls, curtains and tables for a rendering as fresh as light.

Sky blue

Habitat ### The living room has its head in the clouds. Surrounded by sky blue, it opens up new horizons, and extends summer endlessly.

Vermilion red

Leroy Merlin ### Stop the total white look in the living room! Even a simple vermilion red square is enough to boost the decor and give it a damn dose of pep.

Grass green

Paragraph ### The walls of the living room are herbivores and that suits them well! A color code to stitch if you are looking for a natural decor ...

Chili red

La Redoute ### To spice up the dining room with a pop note, we bet on a bright red wall that sets the mood on fire!


Maisons du Monde ### On a turquoise blue background, a 100% brown living room decor gains in warmth, chic and volume to charm us.

Nasturtium orange

La Redoute ### With a bright orange wall, the living room is full of vitamins, determined to add to the atmosphere.

Leaf green

Maisons du Monde ### To extend the green freshness felt in the summer, we paint the living room in leaf green color. Naturally sophisticated.


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