10 reasons to choose clear soil

10 reasons to choose clear soil

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If a light-colored floor may at first appear to be messy, it nevertheless has many decorative qualities that will be ideal in your interior. We therefore invite you to discover 10 reasons that will make you appreciate a clear floor.

Clear soil to refresh the atmosphere

Saint Maclou When the outside temperatures rise, the house appears as a refuge of freshness where the decor greatly helps this feeling. Thus, a white floor will bring a refreshing touch to your interior. Combined with green, white soil will create a very fresh nature spirit.

Clear soil for a healthy room

Aquadeco In the bathroom, white has long proven itself. A light colored floor will give a feeling of cleanliness to your space. And be aware that choosing a clear white or beige floor will not prevent you from bringing in the color elsewhere thanks to the walls and accessories.

A clear floor to play the card of originality

Leroy Merlin Choosing a clear floor does not mean that you cannot have fun, on the contrary! Bet on a white tile and add details of a patterned tile to create a carpet or a strip that will energize the floor in an original way.

Clear soil to create unity

Leroy Merlin If your walls are light in color, you can also choose a light floor. You will then create a kind of unity between the floor and the wall which will allow you to add very original touches in your woodwork for example without breaking the harmony of the room.

Clear floors for a contemporary style

Meister Clear floors are plentiful both in materials and in color nuances. Also, you will easily find a floor that matches your decor style. Clear tiles in XXL sizes, for example, lend themselves particularly well to a contemporary style.

Clear coating to highlight the floor

Meister Clear soil does not necessarily mean that it is white soil. You can opt for a light parquet that will stand out particularly in an interior with white walls. Likewise, the nuances of the ground, even clear, bring warmth to the whole.

Clear soil for different materials

Mercadier Clear floors exist in multiple materials. For a design style or an industrial atmosphere, you can for example choose a waxed concrete in a light gray. And to accentuate the light appearance of the floor, bet on darker gray elements in the decor.

Clear ground to create the decor

Saint Maclou Know that the ground can play a real role in your decoration. Also, if you want to give a design style and graphic enough to your living room, the flooring will allow you to accentuate the effects. Choose a white floor that will come in opposition to the black elements of the decoration.

Clear floors to brighten up the space

Saint Maclou Finally, know that if your room lacks light, a clear floor will allow you to brighten it. Then bet on a light floor but not too much by choosing for example light beige rather than white for a softer light return.


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