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Christmas decor: White style according to Laure

Christmas decor: White style according to Laure

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The snowflake appears so simple and yet, when you take a closer look, you discover all its complexity. The white decoration is similar, it is believed to be ordinary but it is actually very sophisticated. For Christmas, it is a perfect style for all lovers of decoration and the White collection of Maisons du Monde will sound obvious to them!

To follow without hesitation

Maisons du Monde It shines brightly and indicates without error the place of the party and all the celebrations. Luminous star {rel = "nofollow"} in metal, Maisons du Monde, 16.99 euros

Fairytale nature

Maisons du Monde To be placed delicately in a transparent vase or as a centerpiece, this branch of iridescent balls always makes a strong impression. Artificial branch {rel = "nofollow"} with white iridescent balls, Maisons du Monde, 5.99 euros

The warm flakes

Maisons du Monde But what is this strange phenomenon? Snowflakes that light up your tree and that's all the magic of Christmas unfolding before your eyes. Christmas light garland {rel = "nofollow"} 135 cm, Maisons du Monde, 8.99 euros

For the snow queen

Maisons du Monde And it is wrapped up in this cuddly blanket that you can contemplate this perfect Christmas scene of a happy family around the tree. Happiness is always easier with a blanket. Throw in faux fur {rel = "nofollow"} ecru 180 x 240 cm, Maisons du Monde, 79.99 euros

Irresistible fox

Maisons du Monde Who doesn't fall for little foxes? This polar version will come, with velvet steps, to add an animal and forest touch to your tree. Hanging fox {rel = "nofollow"} in white and gold glass, set of 6, Maisons du Monde, 17.94 euros

In full light

Maisons du Monde It is a reassuring light that never fades (thanks to the LEDs!). We want it to brighten all the smiles of the party until the end of the night. Silver LED candle {rel = "nofollow"} with star motifs, Maisons du Monde, 8.99 euros

Glitter in your eyes

Maisons du Monde This frosted rose window is an example of elegance. All dressed in white sequins, it infuses your tree with additional refinement. Christmas decoration rosette {rel = "nofollow"} white glitter 6 cm, set of 12, Maisons du Monde, 31.08 euros

The lucky star

Maisons du Monde To decorate your New Years Eve table, we recommend these cute little statues in the shape of stars. They will bring you luck for the success of your dishes. Star statuette {rel = "nofollow"} in white ceramic H 8 cm, Maisons du Monde, 2.39 euros

In black and white

Maisons du Monde They can serve comforting coffee or transform into elegant candle jars according to your wishes. Box of 4 porcelain {rel = "nofollow"} cups with saucers, Maisons du Monde, 14.99 euros