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Nice dishes for your outdoor meals: our selection

Nice dishes for your outdoor meals: our selection

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There is a holiday air on our summer tables! We want them colorful, fresh, exotic and friendly for outdoor dining with family or friends. It's about playing with materials, patterns or shapes to create a style or an atmosphere. Zoom on a selection of pretty dishes for a summer under the sign of cheerfulness!

Shellfish and crustacean dishes

Maisons du Monde It is the iodized fresh blow guaranteed with this "marinière" porcelain service. Plates, cups and bowls take off with their stripes of sailors. As the patterns are not the most discreet, no question of adding new colors for the table decoration. Choose a white tablecloth to highlight them and accessories in blue tones to enhance the marine atmosphere of your summer table.

Exotic Mediterranean dishes

H&M Home We want to have a picnic by the sea with the natural wood of these bowls and trays, the turquoise of the glasses and decanters, the patterns on the plates and the tablecloth that evoke Greece and the Mediterranean. On the way for a chic ethnic snack with friends with this exotic dishes! Do you hear the gentle sound of the waves? Time no longer exists.

Tropical inspiration for these summer dishes

H&M Home Long live the freshness of the accessories of this summer table, for moments of relaxation like extended meals! The atmosphere is tropical with these plant-colored glasses and textured patterns, these coordinated decanters and the pretty porcelain cups. They will go perfectly with wood and textiles with leafy prints. Change of scenery guaranteed!

A gourmet print for an over-vitamin table

& klevering Attention, colored dishes! For outdoor meals that drag on like fresh garden breaks, this melamine service with fruity patterns promises moments filled with cheerfulness. To complete the decor, no need to add color, the table must remain sober on the textiles and accessories side so as not to make your head spin.

Vintage spirit for this sunny tableware

Monoprix This porcelain service makes us want to spend the weekend in the countryside with the family. We love the very vintage "honeycomb" patterns. Outdoor dining will certainly have style! To dress the table, maintain neutral tones, and choose noble materials, such as linen, to bring character, in shades of powder pink, yellow or mustard, even plum. We remain light but elegant.

A delicately animal snack table

Bloomingville Children also have the right to their summer dishes for the afternoons outdoors. We love the poetic illustrations with animal shapes of these plates and mugs with powdery hues. A service in melamine resistant to awkwardness, perfect for a taste in the garden independently. Because it is well known, children want to do everything like adults!

Designer glasses made from recycled material

Q of bottles The idea is not trivial: designer glasses cut from recycled bottle bottoms! The elegance lies in the sobriety of the models, supposed to express all the conviviality of moments with family or friends. 100% handcrafted, made in France, the glasses are available in different colors. The aperitif on the terrace will take on a sacred look!

A table with elegance and sobriety

Bloomingville Do you think black dishes are sad? It is not dark for a penny if you highlight it on the garden table with the right accessories. Especially if you have clear, wooden furniture for the natural side, which will soften the sophisticated look of the plates and cups. Also choose textiles with soft tones, light gray sets, white linen, to play on contrasts. You will get an absolutely chic table for elegant dinners in the garden.

A sweet breakfast dish

Ikea In the countryside or by the sea, we like to wake up gently around the table, thanks to pretty stoneware dishes in pastel shades. The irregular appearance of the bowls and plates gives them a real delicacy, a subtlety that does good. Stay neutral in the choice of tablecloth and napkins or on the contrary, dare more lively textiles if you want to wake up the table!


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