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Leroy Merlin 2015 kitchens with style

Leroy Merlin 2015 kitchens with style

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The years go by but are not alike. Leroy Merlin announces color and style in 2015 with bold, cheerful and very trendy kitchens. If you have to redo your kitchen this year, rejoice! The 2015 vintage will enchant you.

Pastel-style cuisine

Leroy Merlin How about adding a touch of sweetness to your kitchen? By combining classic white furniture with powder blue walls, we are on trend. Cozy Leroy Merlin facades.

Contemporary spirit cuisine

Leroy Merlin The motif confirms its essential place of detail in 2015. To blend it into a modern whole, we focus on the 3D effect as on the tall furniture in this kitchen. Facades Milano green and Origami.

Scandinavian-style cuisine

Leroy Merlin Want to bet on a timeless? Take an example from this kitchen, which combines the simplicity of light oak and the purity of white. Graphic Leroy Merlin facades.

Minimalist cuisine

Leroy Merlin It is not because your kitchen looks like a corridor that you are condemned to the ordinary. The proof with this kitchen which uses smart storage (like the retractable table) to offer you all possible comfort with style! Everest and Frost Leroy Merlin facades.

Vitamin-inspired cuisine

Leroy Merlin We already convinced you that green had its place in the kitchen, here is a new idea to accommodate this color. Inès and Topaz facades.

Loft-style kitchen

Leroy Merlin A stunning concrete effect for this kitchen that does not fall into the cold trap thanks to the solid oak worktop. Facades Loft Leroy merlin.

English-style cuisine

Leroy Merlin Inspired by the cottage style? Succumb to the English charm of this kitchen which perfectly imitates white marble on its laminate worktop. Ashford Leroy Merlin facades.

Zen-style cuisine

Leroy Merlin Let yourself be overwhelmed by the soothing ambiance of this cuisine. Here, no flashy colors but shades of nuances that relax the eyes. Pearl and Topaz Leroy Merlin facades.

Resourceful cooking

Leroy Merlin Stop at sad and depressing studio kitchens. Leroy Merlin offers you an equipped kitchen for € 899, but the most incredible thing is that household appliances are included!