Mons 2015: 10 design events not to be missed

Mons 2015: 10 design events not to be missed

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Designated European Capital of Culture this year, the Belgian city of Mons has developed Mons 2015, a rich cultural project. On the program: 300 major events, organized around a few thousand cultural and artistic activities. In this busy agenda, the editorial staff has selected 10 design events for you, not to be missed.

Mons Design Week

Mons 2015 From May 2 to 17, 2015, Mons Design Week will be an opportunity to promote Mons businesses, on the one hand, and the contribution of design in businesses, on the other. How? 'Or' What ? Thanks to Design'in shops, a discovery trail of original creations, organized in the shops of downtown Mons. Mons Intra Muros - 7000 Mons Belgium Mons Design Week

The Pure Juice exhibition, as part of Elsewhere in Madness - Milan

Mons 2015 From May 7 to 17, 2015, the Pure Juice exhibition invites you to discover the new creations of Milan designers, through an attentive and representative selection of designer furniture and accessories, concocted by Michella Pellizzari and Federica Sala. Maison Folie - Espace des possibilities, 8 rue des Arbalestriers 7000 Mons Belgium Pure Juice Exhibition

The RGB Trattoria exhibition, as part of Elsewhere in Madness - Milan

RGB Trattoria From 7 to 17 May 2015, discover a unique visual experience ... a wallpaper that changes according to the light! Named RGB, and imagined by two Milanese designers, this innovation consists of a multitude of surfaces that transform and react to different chromatic stimuli. Amazing! Maison de Folie - 8 rue des Arbalestriers 7000 Mons Belgium RGB Trattoria Exhibition

The exhibition Madame is served

Mons 2015 Until June 7, 2015, the exhibition Madame est servie is installed on the floor of the WCC-BF gallery and stages tables of artists, creators, ceramists, goldsmiths, glass artists, or designers… who offer their vision of this privileged moment that is dining. WCC-BF, Site des Anciens Abattoirs - 17/02 rue de la Trouille 7000 Mons Belgium Exhibition Madame est servie

The Mons 2015 object at the Keramis Center, by Alain Berteau

Mons 2015 From May 9 to September 12, 2015, the Keramis Center directs the production of the Mons 2015 object. A functional, collector's item straight out of the imagination of designer Alain Berteau (Objekten). Center Keramis de la Louvière - 1 place des Fours-Bouteilles 7100 La Louvière Belgium The Mons 2015 object by Alain Berteau

Jasper Morrison retrospective

Jasper Morrison From May 10 to September 13, 2015, the Center for Innovation and Design presents its very first retrospective. Dedicated to London designer Jasper Morrison, this exhibition brings together the key moments of a 35-year career. On the program: a selection of furniture, kitchen utensils and household appliances, accompanied by archival documents. Note: Jasper Morrison has worked with brands such as Alessi, Cappellini, Flos, Magis or Vitra. Grand Hornu - 82 rue Sainte Louise 7031 Boussu Belgium Jasper Morrison retrospective

In / Out - Meeting between architecture and photography

Mons 2015 From May 23 to December 6, 2015, the In / Out exhibition invites you to discover a selection of photographs, witnesses of the architectural changes that Mons has undergone. Designed by Maud Faivre, Pierre Liebaert, Rino Noviello and Zoé Van der Haegen, and coordinated by the architect Marc Mawet; these photos reflect the urban, landscape and architectural changes in the city. The Charleroi Museum of Photography - 11 avenue Paul Pastur 6032 Charleroi Belgium In / Out Exhibition

Innovation & Ready Made - Everyday tool to think and create

Mons 2015 From September 25 to November 13, 2015, the Maison du Design is organizing "Innovation & Ready Made", a festival seeking to question our habits and lifestyles in a society of overconsumption and overproduction. The goal ? Stimulate a discussion on new production models: responsible innovation, sustainable development, role that we can play in our environment as citizens, designers, students ... To do this, the Maison du Design invites the Ghent design studio "Studio Simple" "to carry out a" workflow ": a series of workshops to" think and create everyday tools ". Maison du Design - 4 rue des Soeurs Noires 7000 Mons Belgium Find the schedule and terms for participating in the workshops on the Mons 2015 site

European Summit of Applied Arts - The World Crafts Council

Mons 2015 From October 24, 2015 to January 10, 2016, the World Crafts Council (BF), an association which brings together more than 200 Belgian creators and which aims to promote contemporary applied arts, is organizing a European Summit of Applied Arts. International cultural project, it will be accompanied by the launch of the 3rd edition of the European Prize for Applied Arts. An award marking the opening of a three-year competition open to creators from all over Europe, from all disciplines of applied art and artisanal design. Anciens Abattoirs - place de la Grande Pêcherie 7000 Mons Belgium European Summit of Applied Arts


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