An unusual bed for a themed children's room

An unusual bed for a themed children's room

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The child's bedroom quickly becomes a room where imagination has its place! So that the bed becomes a full-fledged play space, we put on the unusual beds that will give a theme to the room. Here are some inspirations that will make your children dream.

A bed coach

Goal ### For princesses in the making, we put on a bed in the shape of a coach! If you don't want your child to use the carriage as a bed, it will be a great cabin for playing during the day. You can also use it as an extra bed when friends stay to sleep.

The F1 style bed

Goal ### For speed enthusiasts, But has imagined a Formula 1-style room! The program includes a racing car bed and a matching desk and bedside table. All in bright red colors. And to decorate the rest of the room, we put on a carpet "Speed ​​Limit" and a traffic light.

A retro car

La Redoute ### For boys who dream of long car rides, La Redoute offers a bed that takes the shape of a collector car. To change Ferrari red, the car sports a pretty vintage blue. Something to stroll for hours!

A cabin bed

Dream of baby ### Finally for children who dream of nature, the cabin bed will be a continuation of their day of building a house in the trees. The children will be well sheltered in the bed with a roof to invent beautiful stories.