Clean atmosphere in the toilets

Clean atmosphere in the toilets

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** Often neglected from a decorative point of view, toilets remain a place where it is possible to create an atmosphere. The refined atmosphere is one of the most suitable. A skilful blend of sobriety and simplicity, the refined atmosphere evokes cleanliness and well-being, two major assets in water features. To help you materialize your projects or find inspiration, we invite you to discover, through this slideshow, 10 ideas of refined atmosphere for your toilets. **


Leroy Merlin A refined atmosphere gives the opportunity to highlight new materials. Big trend of the moment, the mineral is invited in the bathrooms but also in your toilets.

Black and white

Black and white Bain inspiration, two colors for a perfect result. This is what proves us this set up thought by Inspiration bain. Note that the stainless steel accessories go perfectly with this atmosphere.


itraque A refined atmosphere can offer a touch of originality. Instead of opting for the eternal white toilet, why not dare the black! Guaranteed elegance.

A touch of originality

Comptoir Toulousain Here again, we present black installations. The latter, signed Comptoir Toulousain, have the distinction of offering an original and round design.

Clean and practical

Leroy Merlin Clean and practical, two indisputable advantages of these toilets offered by Leroy Merlin. Here the storage is present and discreet, and the sober and practical toilets. A success !


Leroy Merlin The suspended toilets ensure modernity and hygiene. Here Leroy Merlin offers toilets that combine white and black with brilliance while combining decor and simplicity.


Planète Bain Here is another example of a sober installation where white and black are united for the best ... and for the best. This refined atmosphere is signed Planète Bain and adapts to all interiors.

A touch of color

Mr Bricolage A refined atmosphere does not close the door with colors. Simple, white and wall-hung toilets can be highlighted with a strip of color combined with more neutral colors.


Bathroom decor Stone has its place in a refined atmosphere and especially in your toilets. Whether you choose a stone effect coating or real stone, your walls will have the perfect shade to accommodate your installations.