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BUT presents its new products for spring 2015

BUT presents its new products for spring 2015

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For its new spring collection, BUT has mainly focused on the softness of pastel colors. Clean lines, Scandinavian spirit, graphic patterns and natural materials are also part ... Presentation in pictures of our 10 favorites.

A minimalist chair

PURPOSE Light wood for softness, flashy blue for good humor, this is a chair that will boost the decor of your kitchen or your dining room without doing too much! 59.99 euros

A dynamic carpet

GOAL Want to wake up the foot of your bed a little? You don't have to install this blue chevron pattern rug there, and admire the result! 29.99 euros

A table lamp full of tenderness

GOAL Another tip with the chevron pattern: dare it in a soft color like dragee pink on a small table lamp. Desk, bedside table, sideboard, this model fits easily with anywhere. 9.99 euros

A very soft stool

GOAL Too cute, this stool with a green metal base and a round seat in blond wood! We take it out at the slightest opportunity without neglecting our decor. 12.99 euros

Tie & Dye trend

GOAL This season again, we will have to rely on the Tie and Dye in our decor. And that's good, since we love this degraded effect on all objects! Let's face it, on these Chinese balls, the result is really nice! 6.99 euros one

Say hello to pineapple

GOAL He gave our interior a boost last summer, and he's putting it back on again this year: we are of course talking about the pineapple motif! At BUT, he invites himself in a pastel version on the cushions ... Nice, right? 9.99 euros one

A ceramic cactus

GOAL Very present in our decor for a few months, the cacti take this summer the form of pretty ceramics in a multitude of pastel colors. Handy when you don't really have a green thumb! 9.99 euros

Coral bed linen

PURPOSE So that the bedroom lives up to the rhythm of seasonal colors, adopt this flashy coral-colored duvet cover without further delay. 34.99 euros

A paper suspension

PURPOSE With this suspension made of paper string, give another look to the ceilings of your living room or bedroom. 34.99 euros