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10 unusual interiors

10 unusual interiors

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A desire for a decoration like no other, even surprising? And if you played the card of the atypical until the end by betting on an unusual interior. All the pieces lend themselves to play, it only lacks a little imagination to create a living room, a bedroom or even a bathroom of the most original. We have spotted some interiors with a surprising look to inspire you.

A bathtub dug in stone

Archiexpo In a warm bathroom that likes raw materials, bet on a rather original bathtub. This model seems to have been dug directly into a round stone and creates a very natural setting.

A secret agent lounge

Seven Hotel Paris To make your stay a unique place why not bet on an atypical theme? This James Bond lounge at the Seven Hotel in Paris features a movie poster and furniture from the famous secret agent in a most surprising arrangement.

Paper clips on the wall

Scirocco The radiators also play it out of the ordinary with these paperclip-shaped models. With their bright or sober colors, they offer a lot of originality to the room in which we dare to install them.

A slide sink

Eumar This hanging sink with a very surprising aesthetic makes the show in your bathroom. Johann Kauppi and Lars Sunderstöm, the two designers, were inspired by a Swedish waterfall to create this amazing sink in which the water is drained by a small grid in the ground.

A Thousand and One Nights Lounge

Riad A Thousand and One Nights Hotel If you like oriental decoration, you can also imagine a stay that recalls the tales of the Thousand and One Nights. Large benches, golden colors and a waxed concrete wall will be your allies to recreate it.

Playing cards

Calvo Bruno From the headboard, the colors of the sheets and cushions to the wall decoration, everything in this room is reminiscent of a deck of cards. To complete the decor, you can also bet on accessories such as spades, clubs, diamonds or hearts.

Legos in the kitchen

Hrvoje Goluza This creation by the Munchausen collective has something to surprise your guests. Built in its entirety in colored Legos, this work plan brings a very playful side to the kitchen while bringing a note of good humor.

Puzzle pieces

Unique Sale To break the image we have of the traditional sofa, we dare to install a more unusual and original model. These four puzzle pieces fit together square or lengthwise and can even be set apart a bit anywhere in the living room.

A perched bed

Kuhl Design Build This pirate room designed by Steve Kuhl will make more than one child dream. To access this boat, which acts as a bed, in the air, you cross a suspension bridge worthy of an amusement park.