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Headboards to invent

Headboards to invent

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How about improvising a headboard in the bedroom? Furniture, wallpaper, stickers, posters or drawings then become our accomplices ... Demonstration in pictures.

With a library

Purpose Devourer of books that you are, your nights always begin with a reading assignment before the lights go out. So why not wedge a bookcase right behind your pillowcase as an offset headboard that will allow you to keep textbooks and novels close at hand?

With a drawing

La Redoute In the bedroom, a wall decorated with a slate effect brings a touch of fantasy to the room. We can for example draw above the sleeping corner, the headboard of his dreams, to change according to the desires and imagination ...

With a screen

AM.PM This headboard signed AM.PM in the form of a fully deployed screen gives us decorative ideas. In our turn, let's divert a screen at the head of the bed for a unique rendering…

With a sticker

Easystic Stickers are undoubtedly the most economical method of creating a headboard effect in the bedroom. Example in picture with this model of rounded shape imitation wrought iron which gives height to the bed, and gives it a romantic touch…

With a poster

La Redoute This headboard representing a black and white photo of New York gives us decorative ideas. Indeed, it allows us to imagine that a poster or a table measuring 140 or 160 cm in length, hung above the bed, can easily become a headboard. An idea to adopt!

With a piece of furniture

Ikéa A console or a tablet, provided that they measure the same width as that of the mattress, can easily sneak behind the pillow as a headboard / shelf. Convenient for placing an extra lamp, a few books or decorative items!

With wallpaper

Ikea To accentuate the "headboard" effect when you have a small headboard, wallpaper is an ideal ally. Just cut it based on the dimensions of the bed, then stick it on the wall to the desired height. By placing it up to the ceiling, we create a superb "canopy" effect.

With a sticker

Idzif It measures 160 cm wide like the bed, it is voluminous and completely graphic. Yes, pasted on the wall overhanging the bed, this sticker creates a monumental headboard effect that changes the look of the bedroom.

With metal plates

AM PM It is easy to create an original headboard with hammered metal plates. Once finished, the latter gives your room a little detour to the Orient… We love it!

With pallet boards

Castorama Esprit recuperated for this headboard which seems to have been made with an old palette. She likes it perfectly in this room with a natural atmosphere, don't you think?

With diagonal planks

Conforama Difficult not to be intrigued by this headboard imagined as a storage space where two planks diagonally allow to stand up to watch TV.

With buttons for a padded effect

Castorama To give your old headboard a new lease of life, sometimes it is enough to cover it with a new fabric. Here, it is a romantic and delicate pink fabric as well as some buttons for the padded effect which have been added.

With hanging fabric

Mademoiselle Tiss We really like the fabric trick, representing a landscape, hanging above the bed. Between contemporaneity and bohemian spirit, the result is superb!

With graphic wallpaper

Tollens To contrast with the rather flashy color of the furniture in this room, it is a graphic wallpaper in black and white which has been installed as a headboard.

With a double headboard

Ikea What if you imagine a double to create an original headboard? A large thick wooden board on which we fix a fabric headboard and voila!

With lamps

Ikea To add a practical touch to a simple headboard, know that you can clip two lamps at each end. Now the latter takes on a new look!

With a window

Ikea What a good idea to place the bed under the window to complete the headboard of blond wood in a pretty landscape.

With leather cushions

Conforama To give a touch of charm to a simple wooden board, you can simply add two large leather rectangles. A good point for comfort and aesthetics!