A seaside style room

A seaside style room

June has arrived and with it the desire for walks on the beach, invigorating sea breeze and holidays. To anticipate the feeling of the seaside, nothing like creating a marine-style room. Discover our seaside atmospheres, you will see that the movement of the waves, promising a peaceful sleep, already seems to be rocking us ...

The British version marine room

Maison du Monde When the chic and relaxed decor of the seashores emancipates across the Channel, the very soft ocean palette combining blue and white is energized by the pop style of the English flag. Half calm, half sparkling, here is a perfect decoration for a teenage bedroom!

A marine room for children

Catimini Traditional marine stripes are also used in children's rooms. With this Catimini bed linen, lovers of boats and fishing will be delighted!

Natural materials to create the sea spirit

Maison du Monde One of the characteristics of seaside decor? Natural materials. Choosing a rattan trunk as storage therefore perfectly suits the desired spirit. That's not all ! This very natural decor is readily adorned with a driftwood lamp, a woven resin chair, a desk, a wardrobe and a wooden model ship. All complemented by a pretty bouquet, and the authentic and serene spirit of the bedroom asserts itself with elegant subtlety.

A seaside room "cargo inspired"

Maison du Monde This room honoring the inscriptions of the products on the cargo ships and the gray blue color of a deep ocean has something to delight lovers of the sea. The most decorative? A model boat that sets the tone and affirms the character of the room.

A child's room with a sea spirit

Maison du Monde All the key elements of seaside style have taken hold of the room: seagrass mirror, white furniture, pale blue paneled walls. Here, the marine softness is there.