Decorative Coaching: Mélanie's room

Decorative Coaching: Mélanie's room

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Our interior design coach helps readers of. Today, she advises Mélanie, who wants to make her bedroom a natural cocooning space. If, like Mélanie, you want advice on redecorating a room, you too can try to win decoration coaching!




** Repaint the walls ** - You like natural tones, soft colors that reflect the atmosphere of a real cocoon. - So I suggest you repaint your walls in a very soft mole string, it will warm your room. - Opt for a matt paint, always to work the depth of the walls. ** Customize your wardrobe ** - Integrate your wardrobe into your walls by customizing it; you will harmonize all the more your room. - Cover it with wallpaper to bring it elegance. In order to create a graphic wall, also completely cover the mirror door. Color tip: if you are not sure about the color of your walls, start with the dark color of the motif of your wallpaper to choose 1 to 2 lighter shades of paint.


** Create the natural atmosphere thanks to the material ** - Favor natural materials. - To create a natural and soft atmosphere, choose curtains, net curtains and a hanging lamp, as well as cotton bed linen. - Integrate the wood material with the dresser, the mirror, the new bookcase and the hanging bedside tables. Space tip: the hanging furniture, by clearing the floor, brings a feeling of space. - The chocolate color is integrated by buttons to not darken your room and to play more on a shades of shades. Color tip: Always use white elements to wake up and enhance the colors between them. ** Work on the decoration using light ** Install 4 light points: - The 1st, at the entrance to the bedroom for the office space. - The 2nd, central, to provide both general lighting and mood lighting. Light tip: Choose a large drum shade for sufficient and decorative lighting, with a warm shade for diffuse light. - The last 2 light sources are bedside lamps, essential for sufficient and directional lighting when reading. Light tip: Glass diffusers dim the light intensity for soft and pleasant lighting.