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Arrange a small space with the ideas of an interior designer

Arrange a small space with the ideas of an interior designer

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In his latest creations for Ibis and Mercure hotels in Dijon, the interior designer Anne-Catherine Pierrey has put in lots of decorative ideas for small spaces that can easily be reproduced at home. We then propose to you in images, 10 ideas to prick to him to arrange your space and optimize it.

A small round table

Anne-Catherine Pierrey If you need a small table in a studio, prefer a very small round table in a pedestal table in order to take up a minimum of space while having space to sit down to have a meal or work.

A console desk

Anne-Catherine Pierrey Rather than choosing a minister's office, we prefer to install a fairly large console cabinet that can be used as an office or as a console to put some decorative accessories.

A transparent door

Anne-Catherine Pierrey To visually save space in your room, do not hesitate to play with transparency to avoid partitioning the spaces. For example, you can use a transparent door to connect the bedroom to the bathroom and thus offer a visually larger room.

A mirror to enlarge the space

Anne-Catherine Pierrey In a small room, do not hesitate to use a mirror to give a feeling of space. For example, install a large mirror on the door of a cabinet or other storage unit.

A TV cabinet

Anne-Catherine Pierrey Why not use the space taken up by the TV unit to create an office? A console under the television will allow you to get a new workspace while not taking up more space in the room.

A modular table

Anne-Catherine Pierrey Also think about 2 in 1 furniture! By placing a small modular shelf near the bed, it will serve as a side table with a stool and can pivot closer to the bed to act as a bedside table.

A sink for small spaces

Anne-Catherine Pierrey In the bathroom, bet on narrow sinks that will not clutter up the space. You can add a towel rack under the sink to save even more space.

Stickers for space saving decoration

Anne-Catherine Pierrey To create your decor without taking up too much space, think of stickers! They dress the walls and make an incredible effect without taking up any space.

Graphic patterns

Anne-Catherine Pierrey Finally, to give a strong decor atmosphere with few accessories that will take up little space, we put on very graphic patterns like this plaid that settles at the end of the bed.