Spotted on blogs this week: 8 ideas for a successful summer aperitif

Spotted on blogs this week: 8 ideas for a successful summer aperitif

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That's it, summer has finally arrived! And to celebrate it with dignity, I decided to organize a summer barbecue with a few friends. Once the invitations were launched, I realized that I had absolutely nothing ready for an aperitif in the sun; no dishes or suitable recipes. To avoid the risk of finding myself without friends, I went to get my inspiration on my favorite blogs. From recipes to table decoration, here is a selection of the best ideas I have found.

A colorful and flowery table runner to fill up with good humor

The Angry Bride Who says barbecue with friends necessarily says good humor at the meeting. I fell for this colorful and flowery table runner, imagined by the Angry Bride, ideal for inviting good humor directly to her table!

Pearl coasters for a bohemian and chic aperitif

I do it myself I am (a little) obsessive and if there is one thing that I hate to see appearing on my pretty garden table, these are the marks left by the guests' glasses. For a decorative table and guaranteed spotless, I adopted the Celine DIY coasters. She details all the steps on her blog I do it myself.

An original and fresh cocktail very simple to make

Pink et cetera For my first summer aperitif, I wanted to impress my guests a little. On the Pink et cetera blog, Laura gives us the recipe for two original and very simple cocktails to make. Perfect to refresh my guests!

An aperitif board to create a decorative table for me

Spring in Fialta Even for an aperitif with friends, I like my table to be pretty. Nothing like a nice aperitif tray to highlight my little appetizers. And no need to go buy it! Fialta shows us on his blog Spring in Fialta how to make it… yourself!

Twists with southern flavors to bring the sun to my table

Mademoiselle M When you can make your own aperitif cakes, why deprive yourself of them? I discovered a great twist recipe with dried tomatoes, parmesan and chorizo ​​on the blog Mademoiselle M. Adopted!

Watercolor effect plates for a poetic and trendy table

Mamie boude The trend this year is in the watercolor style. As I do not intend to replace all my dishes but I fell for this trend, I went to get a little DIY tip to adopt it. Thanks to Mamie boude for her precious advice and this lovely DIY!

A salty-sweet salad for an original summer meal

A touch of pink Do you want to surprise your guests? I do. So for my barbecue with friends, I opted for an original salad recipe that smells good in summer. And it was Fanny from the blog Une Touche de rose who had the idea. I fell in love with his salad recipe which mixes salty ... and sweet!


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