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A country style decor in the bedroom

A country style decor in the bedroom

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Nothing beats country style to relax before sleeping! This generous style brings a certain sweetness of living to the room in the blink of an eye. Whether you are in the countryside or in town, you will be disoriented! Here are some images to help you create a country style in your bedroom.

Traditional walls

Rocha ### To give a rural look to your walls, you can use a lime coating. The walls will thus have reflections which will give the room an authentic side. Choose raw colors like black or brown which you will associate with light wooden furniture.

Traditional bed linen

DR ### For the bed, we opt for traditional bed linen that seems to come from the family. The colors should be clear like gray and white. Embroidery is welcome to bring an old-world charm to the linen. You can embroider your initials or arabesque patterns.

Natural materials

Fly ### In the country style bedroom, we opt for materials that remind us of nature! We choose clear furniture for furniture and wicker for accessories. On the ground, stone is preferred for a raw atmosphere.

Traditional furniture

Maisons du Monde ### Choose traditional furniture: family furniture, salvaged or antique furniture! If your furniture is too new, you can skate it using a special paint. But be aware that brands like Maisons du Monde offer furniture with the charm of yesteryear.


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