The kitchen island as storage space

The kitchen island as storage space

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If the central island of the kitchen allows to benefit from an additional work plan, it is also a good solution to offer you a maximum of storage. Here are some islands to make your cooking practical!

A drawer island

Paragraph This island entirely contains drawers. They are very large to accommodate pots and other bulky accessories. The drawers nonetheless blend into the island and go almost unnoticed.

A functional island

Alinéa This island is truly thought to be practical. It presents not only a work plan but also a dining area, all of which contain large cupboards for the storage of dishes and provisions.

A practical and decorative island

Schmidt To bring a decorative touch to this island, one of the closet doors is missing to reveal the contents of the shelves. You can install pretty jars and decorative dishes.

An unstructured island

Aviva This original shaped island has a storage side and another cut out to accommodate stools. There are also two shelves that will allow you to place a few items such as cookbooks and kitchen accessories.

An island to display your objects

Schmidt This very design island allows you to display objects on the side. Your teapots and your beautiful dishes will then be honored to add a decorative touch to the kitchen.

An XXL island

Aviva Know that the larger your island, the more it can accommodate storage! This long model then has 9 large drawers that will allow you to store a lot of dishes and accessories.

A glass island

Hygena This island cleverly mixes storage and a very decorative effect by offering drawers with transparent doors to allow dishes to be seen. And this offers a completely original style to this contemporary cuisine.

An island with drawers and cupboards

Ikea So that everything finds its place in storage, this island offers several types of storage: a large closet but also drawers of different sizes to match your needs.

An island with cupboards and shelves

Goal Finally, to mix practicality and decorative effect, you can also opt for a mix of cupboards and shelves that will enhance your beautiful objects and hide more practical objects.