Fifteen new colors at Le Creuset

Fifteen new colors at Le Creuset

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Pop and electric shades, refreshing and innovative degraded colors, discover without delay the Le Creuset color palette, to energize your kitchen!

An authentic and unbreakable material: cast iron

Le Creuset Made of enameled cast iron, the casseroles have been reinforced with a thicker interior enamel, which further prevents scratches and wear due to time. This material is guaranteed for life and allows perfect cooking of food and unaltered flavors.

Optimized cover

Le Creuset Le Creuset innovates by placing a new button, made of stainless steel, on the lid of the casserole dishes. This allows better hydration of the dish and better preservation of aromas. It withstands all oven temperatures and is easier to grip.

A more ergonomic handle

Le Creuset In the brand's new generation casserole dish, the handle is wider to ensure better grip. It is also more secure! On a pretty pink model, he throws right?

An ideal casserole dish for cooking delicious meals!

Le Creuset Authentic and timeless, the casserole dish can cook hundreds of recipes! It is THE must-have for making simmered dishes from our grandmothers. And with contemporary colors like this bright purple, it's hard not to be tempted.

Easy cleaning

Le Creuset If you love to cook, and especially sweet dishes, you know how difficult it can be to clean this kind of container. But rest assured, the new Le Creuset range is easier to clean!

Colorful egg cups for young and old

Le Creuset Besides the casseroles, Le Creuset has also redesigned its egg cups with its new colors. For children's meals as well as for your Sunday brunches, these small objects will put a little color on your table!

Fun mugs to wake up in a good mood!

Le Creuset What could be better than drinking coffee in a pretty colorful mug? It's ideal to start the day off right! Le Creuset declines its new pop colors in a range of cups, for our greatest pleasure!

Accessories for all tastes!

Le Creuset Le Creuset also revamps other everyday objects in the kitchen, such as these models of teapot and pepper mill. We love the degraded color!

Enhance your closets!

Le Creuset Once you have a good part of the Le Creuset range, here is what your kitchen cupboards will look like!


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