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Country house style by Rémi

Country house style by Rémi

My best childhood memories, they take place in a country house: picking up the eggs freshly laid by the hens in the courtyard, eating vegetables from the garden on the raw wooden table in the dining room, picking flowers in the fields to bring home… Since then, I have never stopped trying to reproduce this atmosphere of authentic happiness at home. Raw wood, contemporary rustic furniture and beautiful nostalgia. Ready for a little visit?

Feast on fresh eggs

Pexels The joy of eating fresh eggs just laid by pullets in the garden! My favorite way to eat them? Hulled for breakfast!

Waking up in a romantic room

Maisons du Monde It is my blue flower side I imagine but I like rooms with a romantic atmosphere: white and beige bed linen, elegant bed canopy, a bouquet of olive branches on my bedside table ... Heaven of metal bed Rosalie, Maisons du Monde, 79.99 euros

Birdsong in the morning

Pexels In my romantic bedroom, under my Maisons du Monde canopy, I am awakened by the song of birds. Happiness !

Comfort and elegance

Maisons du Monde In the living room, I bet on a comfortable fabric sofa, a library with a rustic charm revisited - I am a fan of the alliance of white and wood which makes the whole more bright and contemporary - and a chandelier at 6 branches to light up this cozy room. Chandelier 6 branches Saumur, Maisons du Monde, 139.90 euros

Spend time looking at old family photos

Pexels Number 2 of the best country house memories after convivial breakfasts: evenings leafing through family albums - uncle Roger was not born with a mustache?

Vacation homework

Maisons du Monde I never work better than calm in the countryside! I chose a desk with a large work surface to spread out, in fir wood, for the raw aspect that I like! With a school-style coat rack from my childhood - it's my nostalgic side! - to put all my little bazaar. Périgord wooden desk, Maisons du Monde, 329 euros

Planning family outings

Pexels On my desk, I can also plan family hikes in the surrounding hills and fields! To soak up the fresh air of the countryside and take in your eyes.

Chic country dining room

Maisons du Monde For the dining room, you can also choose a metal table. With this exposed stone wall, the effect is stunning. In this dining room, I note the small storage in raw wood with a floor for each type of pantry. Primeur metal and wood shelf, Maisons du Monde, 119.90 euros

Make bouquets of flowers

Pexels And we take advantage of these country walks to pick flowers to take home and install in old vintage jars or jugs.