Fermob unveils its 2013 catalog to color the garden

Fermob unveils its 2013 catalog to color the garden

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At Fermob, the essential brand of furniture, color invites itself every year to the garden to put good humor in your outdoor spaces! For its 2013 collection, Fermob dresses its classics with vibrant colors. Small presentation in pictures.

Feminine garden furniture

Fermob Want to feminize your garden? You can bet on a set with a table and chairs in a fuchsia color that is sure to bring a girly and cheerful touch to the outdoors.

Family garden furniture

Fermob A large table and timeless chairs are the perfect ingredients for family garden furniture. And for the decorative touch, we choose it in bright colors by mixing a paprika table with carrot chairs.

A revisited swing

Fermob So that all garden furniture is dressed in colored metal, Fermob also revisits more original furniture such as the swing by offering an armchair to hang in the garden for a very romantic atmosphere.

Sunny furniture

Fermob To take advantage of the sun, the brand offers lemon-colored furniture suitable for lazing around thanks to wide armchairs and its footrest ideal for relaxing by the pool.

A deckchair to enjoy the sun

Fermob To make the most of the sun, Fermob also has its bistro-inspired deckchair, which is also adorned with original colors to put a good mood in the garden and enjoy the sunny days as it should be.

Furniture dressed in fabric

Fermob And for even more appreciable comfort, you will also find furniture with a metal base that dresses with a cushion in order to transform a simple seat into a real designer sofa for the terrace.

Natural furniture

Fermob Do you want your furniture to blend into the nature of your garden? You will then opt without hesitation for one of the green shades that adorn the furniture of the brand. Choice of: anise, verbena or meadow green.

Fermob Luxembourg terrace

Fermob ## Easy-living furniture The good news is that Fermob furniture is easy-going! It resists hot, cold, UV, snow to make you enjoy these colors from season to season. Your terrace will then shine every summer.

Take away furniture

Fermob And so that the pleasure extends beyond your garden, you can also offer yourself foldable and light furniture that you can even take to the beach!


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