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Goal 2017 collection: heavenly and graphic stopovers!

Goal 2017 collection: heavenly and graphic stopovers!

This year, But is inspired by paradisiacal or graphic stops to offer a collection all in pastel shades, with harmonious geometries and materials pleasant to live. We stopover in Copenhagen with the joy of warm living and its purely Danish Hygge (a feeling of well-being), then we land in Milan, the graphics, the design, the daring, which brings a crazy charm to our interior , finally in Bahia, we embrace color, materials, patterns and the sun that goes with it. From this inspirational tour of the world was born the But collection for 2017, which adorns our interior, from the bedroom to the office, including the kitchen. The world is our home.

The colors of the sun

Purpose Garden chairs in yellow or chili color bring the warmth of Bahia into the home. Yellow Garden chair, 149.99 euros

Exoticism throughout the house

Purpose Sometimes a detail is enough to bring a touch of originality to a room, think of the rugs that bring warmth and friendliness.

Put away with serenity

Purpose When our furniture is inspired by Danish well-being, tidying up becomes a real pleasure. Floden buffet, 189.99 euros

Danish comfort

Purpose Hygge is a feeling of well-being that is part of the daily life of the Danes. This chair and its footrest are proof of this. Bergen armchair and footstool, € 279.99

Scandinavian sweetness

Purpose Create harmony in your interior with pastel colors and soft light. Prefer diverted lights to ceiling lights. Rosen floor lamp, 99.99 euros

A kitchen with natural colors

Purpose For a Scandinavian-inspired cuisine, bet on the combination of wood and white, to experience warmth and purity.

Sweetness in your kitchen

Aim Combining the neutral colors of the earth with pastel colors is enough to give a refined Nordic touch to your kitchen.

Milanese design

Purpose Dress your walls and cushions in geometric shapes. Diamond wall decoration, € 3.99 / Milano design Nude cushion, € 7.99

Italian cuisine

Purpose Straight and clean lines, chairs with geometrical shapes for a sober and chic kitchen.