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Architect's advice: 4 G-shaped kitchen plans

Architect's advice: 4 G-shaped kitchen plans

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Ideal for kitchens open to the living room without partitioning, the G-shaped kitchen is made up of four furniture shelves (or three shelves and a return), connecting three corners of the room. It is therefore a U-shaped kitchen, embellished with a return. This G-shaped arrangement is complex and requires careful thought, but it combines ergonomics, functionality and conviviality, in medium and large kitchens.

Kitchen of 4.5 mx 2.84 m arranged in G

Angélique BLANC In this rectangular 4.5 mx 2.84 m kitchen open to the living room, the three shelves have been set up in a square, onto which is added the dining area, allowing four or five people to sit down . This dining area creates a soft junction between the adjacent room and the technical part of the kitchen. The tall elements are grouped on a single linear, facing the window, so as not to lose brightness, and not to break the horizontality of the perspective and the contemporary rendering of the space, created by the cooking, washing areas. and meal.

Kitchen of 3.67 mx 4 m fitted out in G

Angélique BLANC In this space, entirely open to the entrance, the dining room and the living room, where the contours of the kitchen are defined in a 3.67 mx 4 m rectangle, it is quite easy to envisage setting up in G The fourth linear, in return, hosts the washing area and a slightly raised snack area, appreciable for breakfasts, aperitifs and meals taken on the go. It also creates a separation from the living room, while leaving an opening. The kitchen adjoins the entrance, an angle is given to the latter, in order to create a storage cupboard for handbags, shoes, umbrellas ...

Kitchen of 3.70 mx 3.05 m fitted out in G

Angélique BLANC In this kitchen of 3.70 mx 3.05 m, proof is made that by redoubling ingenuity the layout in G can also adapt to a closed room of modest surface, close to the square, shape acclaimed for this implantation. This arrangement is appreciated by those who do not wish to knock down a partition and / or who want to prevent cooking odors from spreading in the home. Without losing space, the table is perfectly integrated into the extension of the shelf. And to overcome the main complexity of setting up in G, the management of the angles, these are optimized since they receive the cooking and the sink, all in curves, releasing a luminous work plan in front of the window.