Architect's advice: how to organize a living room inspired elsewhere?

Architect's advice: how to organize a living room inspired elsewhere?

Responding to a desire for escape and change of scenery, the decorations of the world are always on the rise in our interiors. To evoke travel and be inspired by their exoticism and tranquility, without completely revising the decoration of the habitat, it is possible to choose an exotic decoration in one room, especially in the living room, friendly room ultimate.

A Chinese living room

Angélique BLANC The elegance and geometric calm of the Chinese decoration appear in this 4.82 mx 2.90 m living room with intense colors. On the floor, a large red carpet invites hospitality, and receives a square bamboo coffee table. This material, widely used in China, is also found on the large sofa with typical shapes. The floral decorations, very popular in Chinese crafts, are shown on the two wooden chairs and the red, lacquered sideboard. Finally, the essential screen decorated with scenes of daily life is placed in front of the TV cabinet to hide the screen when it is not turned on.

A Japanese living room

Angélique BLANC This 3.34 mx 3.02 m small living room lends itself perfectly to a minimalist Japanese atmosphere in which all superfluous or eccentricity are eliminated. Behind the semi-blackout Japanese panels, the living room reveals itself, serene, balanced and functional. In the center, three tatami chairs and a table are placed on the floor, low and refined, for a tea ceremony in accordance with tradition. A futon sofa allows you to rest or watch TV more comfortably, and brings a touch of lime green enhancing the browns and beige. Finally, a small Zen garden is arranged in a corner of the room for calm and soothing moments.

Scandinavian living room

Angélique BLANC In this large 6.35 mx 4.60 m living room with beautiful light and high ceilings, it is inevitably Scandinavian design, sober, elegant and warm, that invites itself. Natural materials and colors are honored and bring a soft purity. As often in northern countries, the living room, covered with parquet, is open to the kitchen, and fitted with a deep sofa and mismatched armchairs. Softness and lightness are found in the design of the coffee table and the shelf, as well as in the essential animal skin rug. Light colored notes are brought in sparingly thanks to the yellow cushions and vintage pastel blue mirrors.