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Selection of outdoor benches

Selection of outdoor benches

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Because they accommodate several people and because they occupy little space, the outdoor benches are more and more popular. Here is a fine selection put to the test, just long enough to decide on a particular style.


Maisons du Monde ### Slightly faded turquoise color, ornamental frieze and rounded finishes. Here is a bench that has the audacity to adopt a small ethnic look to set a travel mood on the terrace or in the garden.


Ikéa ### Covered with very soft and very decorative cushions, this bench invites you to take a seat. Comfort first!

Well planted

La Redoute ### Funny bench! With his integrated plant pot, he seems to have a special interest in nature. And we love this 2 in 1 concept!


Fermob ### By choosing a very feminine purple color, the bench has never been so stylish.


Paragraph ### Clean lines, light structure, this metallic bench plays the chic classic version. A timeless that has not finished investing the terrace.

Bench / bow

Paragraph ### Hidden behind 4 large cushions - and a small one for decoration, this large bench with a pretty structure in varnished wood is transformed into a bench!


Ikéa ### Around the outdoor dining table, no chairs, but two long benches installed face to face. Convenient to increase the number of seats!


La Redoute ### Timeless elegance for this exotic wooden bench, which fits perfectly on a terrace, balcony or garden with natural accents.

Without backrest

Ikea ### Around the terrace table, we chose to multiply the seats by betting on a bench. This one is very practical since being deprived of file, it disappears easily against a wall or under the table in any discretion when nobody needs it.


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