Téva Déco decryption: seaside cuisine

Téva Déco decryption: seaside cuisine

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** This week, Sophie Ferjani, assisted by her assistant Thomas Lecointe, had the mission of redecorating the kitchen of the Téva Déco apartment into a seaside kitchen. To put this decor, the first idea is to put wood in different materials , to use washed-out colors like the seaside huts and finally to give the theme "back from fishing". **

Start at the beginning

Téva Déco We don't touch the furniture, we simply decorate the entire outline of the room. We add imitation wood wallpaper on the walls all around the kitchen in a horizontal direction, lino on the floor and wooden slats on the blue and white doors as on the shutters. Everything is done to bring the warm side of the wood. We keep the big idea, mix the woods and the wood colors so as not to make it too uniform.

We add the work plan

Téva Déco We added a work plan, which we put on the old one, which made it possible to raise it by 4cm and to have an additional working comfort. On both planes, we have the same gray melamine which brings height and a more coarse side in a very clear decor. On the central part of the room, we made an extension to be able to create a continuous table and have chairs for lunch for 2 or 3.

We create a piece of furniture in formwork

Téva Déco With only 7 boards and less than an hour, Thomas succeeded in creating a piece of furniture that serves as a shelf, bench and coat rack to accommodate boots, oilskins and fishing accessories. In a small fisherman's house kitchen, you mix the functions of the rooms a little because of the space, that's why we added a piece of furniture that is not usually part of the room, in order to create a entry and play the fishing return card to the fullest.

Add shelves and small furniture

Téva Déco By blocking yourself from always taking kitchen furniture, you may be missing other things that are just as suitable. And this is the case here, with small bathroom furniture in light gray wood which find their perfect place in the kitchen and which are accompanied by very simple blue shelves.

We don't forget the lighting

Téva Déco The rusty metal and the sheet metal remind the headlights and find their place here perfectly.

We accessorize

Téva Déco The accessories have a lot to do with it, we really wanted to tell the story of the return from fishing,

We mix styles

Téva Déco While staying within a very specific theme, we can afford to add elements of decoration from the period or from different styles, as long as they find their place, we don't prevent anything. This is the case here with the so-called sun mirrors which, in wicker, add material. We love !

And here's the result !

Téva Déco We finish accessorizing with blue and white dishes and a bunch of little winks at fisherman's houses and voila. Like what, with few means and lots of ideas we always manage to create something great.

The vacation photo

Téva Déco We had to immortalize this success with a little selfie, right?