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How a little paint can change the decor of the living room

How a little paint can change the decor of the living room

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The living room remains one of the most important rooms in the house. Choosing the right color for the paint can literally change the atmosphere and decor in the blink of an eye. Bright colors, neutral shades, pastel shades or combinations of paints, it's difficult to make the right choice. Do not panic, here are some tips for a flawless in your living room. To your brushes!

Brick red paint in the living room

Tollens The choice of paint is essential in a living room and especially for the decoration of the living room. So to give it more character, choose like here for a brick red color chart. This deep color goes very well with dark parquet floors and brown leather sofas. Add some green plants and voila.

Khaki green for an authentic living room

Master in Color Tired of the total neutral or tangy look? Differentiate yourself by choosing a vintage decor in your living room. Choose a deep paint such as khaki green to cover your walls and then combine it with aged Chesterfield sofas and industrial furniture. It feels almost like the heart of the English countryside.

Bright colors to energize the show

Tollens Is there a little something missing to revive your living room? The solution: a palette of acid colors. Opt like here for a mixture of bright yellow and electric red paints. No need to cover the entire wall, a few sections will be sufficient. Perfect to bring a nice contrast to the rest of the white wall and the natural wood parquet.

Bright yellow for a contemporary living room

Tollens Do you want to accentuate the ultra modern decor of your living room? Choose tart paint like this with bright yellow to enhance your modern monochrome furniture. Perfect with shades of gray for example. You just need to make a few color reminders with accessories. Not bad is not it ?

Purple paint for a warm living room

Dulux Valentine To create a cozy little nest in the living room, use purple-colored paint. This shade will warm your room and will match perfectly with neutral tones like taupe or light brown. It is also a nice color to separate a room with discretion.

Green water to bring freshness

Dulux Valentine The flat areas of fresh green will give your interior a facelift. The shades of green water highlight the wall and the neutral furniture of this very pleasant dining room. This choice of paint combines calm, elegance and modernity with simplicity. We love.

Yellow paint on a brick wall

Dulux Valentine The choice of acid yellow paint helps to energize this rustic living room with efficiency. Painting this brick wall with this bright color shakes up a slightly retro decor and brings a little bohemian touch to the room. To be tested urgently.

Geometric patterns on the walls

Little Greene Daring color in your living room by choosing the ideal paint is good, but bringing originality to it is better. The trick: opt for geometric patterns such as colored stripes to give relief to your decor in the blink of an eye Bauhaus style. Guaranteed illusion.

Tart yellow for a designer lounge

Dulux Valentine The choice of a tangy yellow paint will suit perfectly in a modern living room as in this example. This color brings a healthy glow to your decor and revitalizes monochrome furniture in gray or black tones. We validate.