The 10 commandments of retro cuisine

The 10 commandments of retro cuisine

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Whether you are a big fan of the 50s decor style or nostalgic for that time, one thing is certain, your kitchen, you want it retro! The rule to follow? Go back in time by appropriating the flagship pieces of kitchens of yesteryear, here are the top 10!

2nd command: crack for a retro scale

Geneviève Lethu ### Any cook, apprentice or budding chef, can hardly do without a balance of food! After all, applying to stoves also involves precise cooking. But over the classic scale, prefer a retro version, more authentic, more beautiful and more in line with your desires ...

3rd commandment: elect a retro robot

KitchenAid ### Exit unsightly household appliances, make way for a beautiful, chic and retro robot: the KitchenAid! Its rounded shapes and creamy color constantly echo the decor style of the 50s on the worktop. How to resist it?

4th commandment: bet on retro dishes

Geneviève Lethu ### Who says retro cuisine says retro style dishes! Here is a beautiful example with this collection adorned with drawings representing the holiday route in the south of France.

5th command: select retro patterns

Fly ### Evoking the 1950s style in the kitchen does not only work with objects! Carefully chosen patterns also help to go back in time. Here, these period scales multiplied in series on the tea towels give them a little note absolutely retro.

6th command: choose a retro refrigerator

Aviva ### The most retro refrigerator of modern models is that of the Smeg brand. Its rounded curves and daring colors make it a true icon worthy of the 1950s!

7th commandment: prefer a retro tray

Ikéa ###… to an ordinary tray. It displays precisely over its entire length, an old faded image. A bargain hunt over the crisp ...

8th command: dare to retro tiles

Paragraph ### The patterned tiles with faded colors that line the house your grandparents are making a big comeback to revive the splashback of your kitchen with a delicious note of yesteryear.

9th commandment: opt for a credence bar

Fly ### It is not for nothing that the credenza bar was essential in the kitchens of yesteryear. Over its entire length, it accommodates pots, saucers, colanders, ladles, etc. to free up space and allow us to keep everything close at hand. Retro practical!

10th commandment: adopt a retro telephone

Fly ### If you're more the type of person who has a phone in your kitchen to be reachable even during cooking and meal preparation, choose a retro model! Fixed to the wall, it will subtly underline the fifties style of the room…


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