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Focus on Conforama 2012 kitchens

Focus on Conforama 2012 kitchens

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At Conforama, kitchens follow the trend while meeting your desires. For 2012, the brand offers new styles for everyday cooking. Discover in pictures, 10 kitchens to help you make your choice!

Bruges cuisine

Conforama For this kitchen, we particularly like the retro look of the furniture with glass cupboards to let glimpse the beautiful dishes. And to modernize the line, the gray color has a small effect and brings a touch of charm.

Club Kitchen

Conforama Very modern and dynamic, this kitchen has a sleek design and shades of gray. Functional, it offers many very linear worktops that add purity to its lines.

Elite Ruby Kitchen

Conforama Always in tune with the times, red kitchens continue to delight this room with their dynamic tone. And this model offers a design look that accentuates this effect with materials like steel or glass. The lines are geometric for a vitamin cocktail!

Kiev cuisine

Conforama In light or dark oak, this kitchen revives wood and puts on a very trendy look thanks to a gray effect with visible grooves for a very decorative effect.

Las Vegas cuisine

Conforama Functional and multi-material, this very trendy kitchen puts cooking at the heart of the house by offering a large dining area for dinners for two or more!

Liège Kitchen

Conforama Because not everyone is lucky enough to own a large kitchen, you can also find clever and compact kitchens that will allow you to benefit from all the comfort of a large kitchen in a minimum of space.

Ottawa Kitchen

Conforama Wood also offers a contemporary design with this kitchen in light oak and clean lines. Very functional thanks to its numerous storage spaces, it will be ideal for a family.

Soho Anthracite Kitchen

Conforama For a trendy and very designer kitchen, we put on this model which combines black lacquered furniture and steel details. Black then adds elegance to the whole room.

Tampa Platinum Gray Kitchen

Conforama If you are looking for a kitchen with trendy colors, bet on gray to combine with bright colors. For a graphic and original effect, we particularly appreciate the composition of the tall cupboards.


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