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Old-fashioned charm for table accessories

Old-fashioned charm for table accessories

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For a table that tells a story, we put on dishes and accessories with the charm of yesteryear. Here is our selection whose design does not seem to date today to create a table decor full of character. Get inspired!

An old teapot For tea or coffee time, we adopt this old teapot with simple and effective lines. With wooden accessories, the whole offers a retro balance.

Handcrafted trays

AM.PM To serve drinks to your guests, we adopt these funny trays that could be made by craftsmen. We like their raw wood finish which gives character to the table.

Baskets for service

Spoiler To serve breakfast, we adopt baskets that will give a country chic atmosphere to the table. With raw fabric, the decor is planted.

Cloth baskets

Jean Vier And to serve the bread at the table, we put on small cloth baskets that will give a rustic and friendly atmosphere.

Raw dishes For the dishes, we choose pretty sleek models that highlight the materials that we favor raw.

Raw cutting boards

Scapa To put a rustic touch on the table, we adopt raw cutting boards. Do not hesitate to look for them for even more realism.

Oven dishes to present

Sema Design Usually, we leave the oven dish in the kitchen but for an air of yesteryear, we present the dishes directly in the dishes of grandmother. Friendly effect guaranteed.


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