Selection of multifunctional furniture for small spaces

Selection of multifunctional furniture for small spaces

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Focus on the big darlings of small spaces, 2 in 1 furniture. Tables, chairs or beds: one common point, their versatile character. This allows them to adapt to our desires and save us a few square meters. Demonstration in images through a thin selection, half classic, half innovative, of multifunctional parts.

Stools / storage units

Ikea ### Take a good look at this shoe cabinet, and you will see that it is not ordinary since it is composed of stools superimposed on each other and aligned side by side. The good idea is that if there is a lack of seats in other rooms of the house, it suffices to remove some of them from this storage installed in the entrance!

A bed / storage

Goal ### The headboard does not lose the north. It has provided shelves to hold books and other trinkets. Space maximization objective successful!

A dressing room / partition

Ikéa ### Partition and delimit the interior space with matching walls. But with furniture, it's also possible! See how this dressing room installed back to the bed isolates a "wardrobe" corner in the bedroom. Fashionistas, this is an emergency chiper tip!

A trunk / coffee table

Goal ### A metal trunk in which we store cushions, duvet covers and small things lying around can become, placed in the center of the bedroom or living room, a diverted coffee table. Original, stylish and funnily practical.

A wardrobe / desk

Ikéa ### Malignant the cupboard leading to the kitchen! Its center drawer hides an extra flap desk table that you can take out as soon as you need it. Discreet and ingenious.

A 3 in 1 crib

Goal ### The "multifunctional" qualification was well chosen for this raised crib which combines sleeping area, office area and dressing room!

A table / desk

Ikéa ### When the lifting table of this desk is lowered, the workspace gives way to a classic dining table, neither seen nor known!

A table / desk

Ikéa ### Another version of a desk that transforms according to the wishes of its owner into a dining table. It is enough to deploy the flaps to its two ends and the metamorphosis acts in two stages three movements.

A coffee table / pencil holder and plant holder

Ikéa ### The coffee table in this living room has the distinction of having two recesses to accommodate a flowerpot, children's crayons, decorative trinkets or even fruit. Between storage and decoration, this little extra does not leave us indifferent!