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Couture: the new collection signed Dulux Valentine

Couture: the new collection signed Dulux Valentine

Dulux Valentine is a Grande Maison which, in the eyes of consumers, symbolizes in a lasting way the demand for quality. With its new Couture line, the brand makes it possible to fulfill its wildest decorative dreams and dare to color with chic. 33 new elegant shades divided into 4 collections: glamor, romantic, modern and wild are presented today. The editorial team invites you to discover its 10 favorites.

Deep purple

Dulux Valentine To break away from classic white, we risked painting the walls in very colorful colors. And the bet is successful with these purple plum and purple of Venice.

Warm colors in the bedroom

Dulux Valentine We may not say it enough, but the colors in the room are essential for the atmosphere and the calm. However, with this burgundy and plum shades, the atmosphere is sweet!

The kitchen in discreet colors

Dulux Valentine Simple and urban, this kitchen is dressed in gray, black and white and is enhanced with a red border. The matching furniture creates a harmonized and worked atmosphere.

Painting enhances style

Dulux Valentine In an urban and industrial style, metallic gray is nicely accompanied by a very soft midnight blue and a small yellow detail on a section of wall. Very stylish !

The modern bedroom in blue and gray

Dulux Valentine Two colors are enough to give style and character to the bedroom. A taupe gray matched with a deep blue and voila!

The stripe but with an extra detail

Dulux Valentine The detail that makes the difference in this living room is the pink line between the white and gray stripes. In the industrial chic style, the walls soothe the atmosphere and bring light.

The color that changes everything

Dulux Valentine We are too used to seeing rough white or beige walls in country houses. Here, the very fresh turquoise blue has been dared and it goes very well with the sober and light colors.

Powder in the living room

Dulux Valentine For lovers of soft colors and delicate atmospheres, the powder is perfect. Here, we love the marriage of the two tender roses.

The ethnic chic style in the kitchen

Dulux Valentine In the wild collection, we find soft colors with white tending to pink and very light blue. The powdered set is perfect and provides superb light.