A decorative sticky note for the whole family

A decorative sticky note for the whole family

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We find it perfectly normal to flood our office with Post-it notes and other reminders for our professional meetings, but what about at home? We would need a great tool to better organize the hectic life of our whole tribe. has thought of you with a selection of 10 ultra practical sticky notes: calendars, collage, memo boards or original magnets. Checklist that makes our life easier!

Organize it family for the week

Deco family Who does what today? A question to which you will no longer need to seek the answer with this family organizer. Its attractive design will make you want to hang it everywhere and its functional side will appeal to the whole family, including the little ones. An ideal reminder to write down all the important moments to remember.

The slate wall: a giant reminder

Castorama When you have a busy family life, you have to think big! Do not be afraid to play the slate paint card thoroughly. You will have the largest of all sticky notes: an entire wall! A treat for children who will be happy to decorate it in their own way.

Magnetic wallpaper

Groovy Magnets You already know slate paint and magnetic paint and you want something different? Then the magnetic wallpaper is for you! With a designer decor like this large bear head, you will delight your children while bringing a real decorative touch to your interior. A sticky note that lives up to its name!

The weekly coat rack

Hübsch To hang in the entrance, your weekly coat rack will do you a lot of services: a quick look when leaving and hop, you remember that this Wednesday, you have to pick up your youngest at the tennis tournament! An effective and practical accessory, coupled with a pretty decoration for your entry: what more could you ask for?

The trendy cork board

DOIY The idea of ​​the family reminder does not get your teens excited? Never mind, opt for a trendy and offbeat cork board. Shaped like a skateboard, it should arouse their curiosity. No more excuses for forgetting to go to the dentist or private tutor!

The diverted sticky note

Maisons du Monde Who says sticky note most often says unsightly object with magnets or thumbtacks. But you can also divert everyday objects! Customized with a few pieces of string and clothespins, a wooden ladder becomes a fabulous decorative reminder.

The DIY magnetic board

Solène Cardinaud - Do you dream of a magnetic painting but you don't want to devote a large budget to it? Make your own custom sticky note. A metal plate with the desired dimensions, a little paint, masking tape, a few magnets and voila! Source

The memo board / storage compartment

Caractéri-Elle Nothing like a 3 in 1 tool to think of everything! Sticky notes, storage compartment and coat hook, this DIY memo board will change your life for those who have a memory that falters or regularly lose their belongings. Hang in the hallway for the whole family to enjoy. Source

Sticky notes and decoration magnets

Photobox The kitchen is a room full of life, where everyone spends time several times a day. It is the ideal place to have a reminder! To change tables, opt for these funny magnets to stick on the fridge. You will see, they will be quickly adopted!


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