Decorative coaching: Nathalie's guest room and office

Decorative coaching: Nathalie's guest room and office

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Our interior design coach helps readers of. Today, she advises Nathalie who wants to transform her son's old bedroom into a guest bedroom and an office. If, like Nathalie, you want advice on redecorating a room, you too can try to win decoration coaching!




** Warm the room thanks to the color ** - To give a soft and warm luminosity to this room dedicated to relaxation as at work, paint your walls, except the ceiling, in beige light string to give it a tint bathed in sun . - Wake up the whole by painting the wall of the headboard in a slightly off orange, the color you like and which will remain soft in a bedroom. Color tip: the orange color is enhanced by neutral shades such as the string that I recommend. ** Walls that meet each other ** - Paint the wall opposite the headboard in a third, starting from the bottom, in the same orange shade so that the 2 walls meet. - You will position your desk in front of the bed; this is why you should plan to make the wide orange stripe extend 15 to 20 cm above it. To be pretty, the graphic line must be clearly visible. Color tip: The orange color lights up a room and is a symbol of energy and vitality. ** The bedroom area ** - On the left when entering your room, plan the sleeping area: a bed with a light oak structure for the country spirit you love, chic and contemporary version. - Keep your large bookcase but paint it in the color of your wall so that it blends with it; that will make it less important. DIY tip: Plan to apply a printing primer before painting your library, two coats will be required ** The office corner ** - On the right, on the wall that goes from the entrance to the window , a console-type desk, in transparent glass, adorns the workspace while not visually loading the room. - Its black lines correspond to the three shelves aligned with the wall of the window as well as to the chair of the same shade. - Sober and refined, your work space will not invade your guests when they are received at your home.


** Accessorize this space ** - Two bedside lamps will provide soft light while gently and intimately reflecting the color of your wall. - I recommend a white bed linen to energize your bedroom corner soberly but elegantly. - Dress your windows with string-colored curtains more supported than the walls, to create this little cocoon necessary for well-being. - An articulated desk lamp will allow you to illuminate your console with precision while bringing an additional light point. ** Some additional ideas ** - A large paper pendant to soften the mood. - Some cushions on the bed. - Books on the shelves. - A few trinkets and some pictures you like above the bed. - A carpet on the tiling.