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Casamania design in pictures

Casamania design in pictures

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The Italian brand continues to offer furniture with bold shapes that have enabled it to become a key player in design. We invite you to discover or rediscover the emblematic pieces of Casamania in images.

Granny pendant light

Casamania Knitting is trendy all over the house! The proof with this knitted suspension imagined by Casamania to bring a little softness to your interior.

The Alberto drying rack

Casamania To hang out their clothes in style, Casamania has designed a clothes line whose structure takes the form of trees. It thus blends perfectly with the decor.

The Ruben coat rack

Casamania Here is a hybrid piece of furniture that will serve both as a coat rack and as a storage pocket to be a true ally of the entrance. And when empty, this funny object looks like an animal!

The Her chair

Casamania Emblematic of Casamania, this Her chair also exists in its male version Him. The back of the armchair evokes a naked body: guaranteed effect every time someone sits!

The Opus Incertum library

Casamania This honeycomb bookcase is a Casamania classic! It allows you to organize books in a destructured way and to create a custom-made piece of furniture thanks to the modules to be assembled.

Robox library

Casamania And to store your books in an even more original way, you can adopt this funny robot that will gladly welcome the books of your choice.

The Kant stool

Casamania This one-piece stool could very well be a design sculpture as its slender form is pure. The rod that serves as a base accommodates three trays: one for the seat, one for the footrest and one to hold the assembly.

The Twine table

Casamania This coffee table has the particularity of having a base which pierces the table top so as to make it look like a button. A fun piece of furniture!

The Lea armchair

Casamania Here is a funny armchair that can be transformed into an extra bed to meet all your needs.