10 ideas and tips for storing toys

10 ideas and tips for storing toys

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Tired of seeing your kids' toys hanging around the house? Do not panic ! The editorial team has unearthed 10 ideas and tricks for you to store them easily thanks to personalized basket systems, diverted shelves or even a multifunctional activity mat. Demonstration.

Baskets on a bar

The Inspired Home On the same principle as the installation of duck fishing, hang colored baskets of the same size on a large rod fixed above the bathtub. Thus, no more toys dragged to the bottom where falls when you shower. Source: The Inspired Home

Diverted spice racks

DIY Inspired To put away all the books of your little addicted to reading, fix spice shelves on his wall on which his favorite stories are exposed. Source: DIY Inspired

Personalized baskets

Play Chic Interiors Plush toys, Legos, cubes… thanks to these large personalized fabric bags, toys are organized in addition to being stored. Placed on the floor or fixed on the bedroom door, it's up to you! Source: Play Chic Interiors

An ultra practical activity mat

Open Sky Thanks to this activity mat which turns into an easily transportable bag, storing toys becomes child's play for adults and children. Source: Open Sky

A plush cage

The Griffiths Garden Practice this fluff cage made with flashy ropes! Your children can easily access and store them once their game is over. Source: The Griffiths Garden

Magnetic bars

Keeping Up With The Souths To put an end to the small cars scattered here and there on which we walk from the door of the crossed room, fix on the wall of your little boy magnetic bars where these park in the blink of an eye . Source: Keeping Up With The Souths

One pocket per plush

Pinterest Thanks to this fabric storage system, each plush has its place! Attached to the wall, it also brings a small additional decorative element to the room. Source: Pinterest

Drawings as a work of art

How Does She To display the designs of your little pieces like works of art, hang in your kitchen, your entrance or your corridor of the wire on which you can hang everything thanks to clips. Source: How Does She

Zoo furniture

The Keeper of the Cheerios Imagined like a zoo cage, this plush storage unit becomes a real animation in your children's room. In addition, you can make it yourself with a few wooden planks, elastic threads and a little patience! Source: The Keeper of the Cheerios


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