10 seats dedicated to relaxation

10 seats dedicated to relaxation

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To spend the winter cocooning in your interior, you need to be well settled! For this, nothing like a seat that invites you to laze. We have selected 10 sofas, armchairs and other poufs that will accompany you in your moments of relaxation.

A comfortable chair

AM.PM For a pleasant moment watching TV or reading a book, we adopt a comfortable armchair. The must ? A model with a slightly inclined backrest to be well supported and offer a moment of rest.

A rocking chair

AM.PM To bask as you should, the essential is the rocking chair which will make you enjoy a gentle, very soothing swing. In a living room or in a bedroom, it is the ideal ally.

An indoor lounge chair

AM.PM It is not only outside that we like to take time to relax. Inside, too, it works with an ultra-designer lounge chair that allows you to sit in a reclining position.

Corner sofa

Alinéa If you have a corner sofa, know that it has a chaise longue section that will allow you to lie in front of the TV for a very comfortable moment of relaxation.

An ottoman on the floor

Alinéa For your wrapped path, the pouffe is a great base. The pouffe will allow you to sit anywhere for a moment of relaxation with a good book or a nap.

A sofa with a reclining back

Fly Do you want to rest on your sofa? Be aware that some models offer a reclining backrest to allow you to take a nap comfortably.

A round armchair

Amadeus In this round armchair, you will feel enveloped to spend a cocooning moment around a good cup of tea.

A chaise longue

Ikea For a moment of relaxation, the chaise longue is a must. It will allow you to lie down in a very comfortable way to read, watch TV or take a nap.

A hanging chair

Fly Do you want to stop touching the ground and enjoy a pleasant rocking? With this hanging chair, there is no doubt that you will feel good at home!


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